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Dua to be recited on the seventh day of Ramadhan

Dua to be recited on the seventh day of Ramadhan

اللهمّ اعنّی فیهِ على صِیامِهِ وقیامِهِ وجَنّبنی فیهِ من هَفَواتِهِ وآثامِهِ وارْزُقْنی فیهِ ذِكْرَكَ بِدوامِهِ بتوفیقِكَ یا هادیَ المُضِلّین.


O Allah, on this day, help me with its fasts and prayers, and keep me away from mistakes and sins of the day, grant me that I remember You continously through the day, by Your assistance, O the Guide of those who stray.

source : erfan.ir
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