Tuesday 18th of May 2021
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Professor Ansarian: avoiding the polytheism of the time

Professor Ansarian: avoiding the polytheism of the time

When something is considered wrong and evil, we must not go after it and pollute ourselves with. I need to achieve monotheism and way of sincerity with by studying or bonding with a pious scholar. This is called spending of your life beside the lord of the universe. I lay too much emphasis upon the issue of monotheism in my lectures, Because the planet is consisting of five continents; the countries of the Pacific, Asia, Africa, America, Europe, 90 percent of its people are drowned in the slavery of the polytheism, and all the corruption of the planet is due to the polytheism, that is, they have eliminated Allah, and replaced him with wrong and artificial idols in their lives.

The idols which is now in the world and has attracted all people to it and has become the criteria of life on the planet is Dollar; the thing which has massively damaged the economy of our country in this 40 years; this man –made paper is now being worshiped by all countries.

source : erfan.ir
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