Thursday 27th of January 2022
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Professor Ansarian: prayer is the savior of human on the day of resurrection

Professor Ansarian: prayer is the savior of human on the day of resurrection

Sometime, prayer can save a house from robbery, and sometime it saves a thief and it saves a sinner at times as well. What does prayer do! What effects does it have for this world, hereafter and the purgatory? Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him) says: when the corpse is buried, in the purgatory, his soul is alive  and it is with the corpse and has not abandoned the corpse yet, because the corpse is not dead for too long. This soul observes that something shiny is standing above the head of the corpse and something shiny is on the left and right side of the corpse and something shiny is also below the feet of the corpse. There is also a very nice narration from the holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his progeny) that explains in what form the prayer will appear on the day of resurrection, and what these four shiny things talk about, one of this shiny things will say that I am the Hajj, one of them says that I am the Zakat, one of these shiny things which is above the head of the corpse says that I am the prayer, if you run into any trouble which you were unable to solve in this purgatory world, I will do it because I am more powerful than any of you. Whoever is unable to solve the purgatory problems of this corpse, I will solve it; I can solve anything. This is the power of the prayer.so how should we say this prayer?

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