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Keeping alive the remembrance of the Imam (pbuh)

Keeping alive the remembrance of the Imam (pbuh)

One of our important duties during the time of occultation is to remember our Imam (PBUH) more often in gatherings and in private, and to make gatherings for his remembrance:

I heard Imam al-Sadiq (PBUH) saying, "Our Shia are compassionate among each other. When they hold a private meeting, they remember Allah. Verily, the remembrance of us is of the remembrance of Allah. When we are remembered, Allah has been remembered, and when our enemy is remembered, Satan has been remembered." 71

It is also narrated:

Imam al-Sadiq (PBUH) said to Dawud Ibn Sarhan, "O Dawud, offer my greetings to my friends and deliver this message to them that Allah blessed a servant who gathers with another to make remembrance of our matter, and in that case,

the third among them is an angel who asks forgiveness for them. When two servants gather for our remembrance, Allah recounts His glory to His angels (for having such servants).

Thus, when you gather spend your time in remembrance (of us). Verily, your gathering and your remembrance makes us live. And the best people after us are those who remind one another to our matter and invite to our remembrance." 72

Ibn Sa'd al-Azdi has narrated:

Imam al-Sadiq (PBUH) asked Fudhail Ibn Yasar, "Do you assemble with your friends and narrate traditions?" He said, "Yes, may I be sacrificed for you."

He (PBUH) said, "I hold dear such gatherings as it will revive our matter. May Allah have mercy on him who revives our matter? O Fudhail! He who remembers us or is reminded about us, and this brings tears to his eyes even to the extent of a wing of a fly, Allah will forgive his sins even if they are greater than the foam of the sea." 73


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