Friday 1st of July 2022
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Professor Ansarian: the one who has been forgiven by the kind Allah

There was a wise man who happened to pass by a place, suddenly he noticed that a group of people are forcing a young man to abandon the town due to the sins and corruptions he had been doing there, he also saw a woman who is shedding tears for the very young man. The wise man asked: who is this woman? They said: she is the mother of that young man, the wise man felt pity and interceded for the young man and asked the group of people to forgive the young man this time but if he starts doing what he used to do, you can oust him out of this city.

The wise man says: after a while I returned to that town again, in the town I heard someone crying from behind the door, I thought that the young man might have been evicted from the town and his mother is crying for him. I knocked the door, the mother opened the door, I asked about his son, she said: he passed away in a strange way, when he was about to die, he asked me not to say anything about his death to the neighbors because I have bothered and resented them and they have accused me due to my sins. I don’t like them to be present beside my corpse, you take the responsibility of funeral ceremony, I have recently bought a ring which the "in the name of Allah the most compassionate and the most merciful" is curved and written on it, I want you to bury this ring with me as well and ask Allah to forgive me for the sins I have committed. I carried out his will, after his burial ceremony, while I was coming back, I heard him saying:" O mother, go and be at ease and don’t worry, I have been forgiven by almighty Allah".


source : erfan.ir
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