Sunday 2nd of October 2022
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Professor Ansarian: the merciful and evil effects of disasters and tragedies

Disaster and Blight can have merciful or evil effects on humans. The Prophet (pbuh) stated: If the effects of this tragedy appear in the heart or humans' eye, then this is a sign of mercy the divine love and affection. But if the effects of this disaster appear on the hands or tongue of the stricken, then it is the evil effects of the blight and disaster.  (Bihar al-Anwar: 79/91, chapter 16, below Hadith 43.)

If the stricken person tears his clothes, injures his face and also his head and other parts of his body, such affairs are considered as the devilish effects of the blight. But if he cries due the grief and sorrow he has deep down in his heart, it never conflicts with the essence of patience.


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