Thursday 1st of December 2022
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Successful Muslim Women of the World to Meet in Lorestan

Successful Muslim Women of the World to Meet in Lorestan

-- According to director of Culture and Art Institute of Lorestan Province, an international convention will be held on February 6 for Hijab wearing Muslim women of the world who have had accomplishments in various fields.

Leila Bigdelv said that 60 Muslim women from different countries would attend the convention in Khorramabad, capital city of the province.

Creating a network for women of the Islamic world to promote the culture of wearing Hijab and chastity as well as helping to revive the Islamic culture are among the objectives of the meeting.

Calling for support for holding the meeting, she said that officials of the province have not provided the institute with any financial support yet, hence the institute has decided to ask other sources including those in Tehran for assistance.

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