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Professor Ansariyan said in an interview with the Ukraine Al Arabiya news agency: Divisions in the Islamic world are due to abandoning unity and sincerity. + Photos

Professor Ansariyan said in an interview with the Ukraine Al Arabiya news agency: Divisions in the Islamic world are due to abandoning unity and sincerity. + Photos

The Scientific and Cultural Institution of DarolErfan/ the exegete, researcher and scholar of the Quranic sciences talked about various issues in an interview with the Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency; including the problems of today's Islamic world, the solution to these problems, Islam and Shiism, the seminary schools, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the details of this interview are as follow:

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: As the first question, I must ask about the reason of all this chaos, disruptions and upheavals in the Islamic world!

The Islamic nations have been deviated from monotheistic path that the Holy Quran has guided and directed human beings, they have been diverted from sincerity, and they have become many tribes which these tribes themselves bring about different lords and Gods. Some of the nations are those who worship America, some other nations worship Israel, there are people among different nations who are fond of money and they are the so called money worshipers, there are also people who worship lust and the world, this division has created a serious complication in the thoughts and moods of people in the Islamic societies. Indeed, in any society, whether Muslim or Non- Muslim, if there is no place for Allah, pure intention or sincerity and unity, These divisions, seditions and differences are natural. The problems of Islamic nations are not going to be solved by meeting of the heads of the states, meeting of religious scholars of different religions, holding seminars, signing contracts and so on.

Professor Ansarian: of course, the Holy Quran, the narrations from the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and his progeny as well as the infallible Imams peace be upon them have not prevented people form making a living. What matters the most is that the world and worldly demands must be based on Allah,s desires and wishes so that no sedition happens. Even the holy prophet peace be upon him and his progeny says that if the one who abandons the world, living in this world and working in this world for the sake of the hereafter is not from us. And also the one who leaves the hereafter for the world and worldly affairs is not from us either. This scale should have two balanced sides, in other words, a real Muslim should have both a good world and hereafter, he must have both the science of the religion and the material science. Therefore, the Quran narrates in the Surah al-Qessas on behalf of the True Believers, who said to the famous rich people of the time of Moses (AS): Seek the gains of the life to come through your wealth without ignoring your share of this life. Do favors to others just as God has done favors to you. Do not commit evil in the land for God does not love the evil-doers.

Professor Ansarian: Shiite religion is the religion of intellect, reason, wisdom, mysticism and philosophy as well as social religion, because it is in harmony with human nature, if this religion is presented in a correct way, it will be welcomed and accepted in all over the world. When people accept this religion, the oppression force will automatically fades away and its force will be lessened gradually. Fearing their own destruction, they are severely opposing us and their opposition is certainly not for money or material things.

Professor Ansarian: There are two groups in the Islamic world who have a very crucial and vital responsibility, one is the religious scholars and the second one is the university professors, the religious people in these two groups can solve this great problem of the Islamic world by means of close contact with the people as well as writing articles and lecturing, provided that the heads of the states and those top-dogs in the governments accept this issue.

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: the point you mentioned is of great importance, but there is no doubt that it requires some conditions, first of all people must accept it, the second point is that the kind of look and conception people have are very different with regard to the expansion of cyberspace and unfortunately this issue creates a kind of huge gap among nations and governments and causes their deviation from the right path, In your opinion, what methods should be used to direct the new generation and the younger generation to the right path and straight path?

We have to employ the same tools they utilize against us. We have a website by the following name: Erfan.ir which is updated by a wide variety of internationally acceptable articles and my lectures are also published on the website no matter where I have lecture, there are also a lot of people specially the young generation who are contacting us from different countries, we have answered about four hundred thousand questions, many Christians and other none Shiites have converted to Shia school of thought through this website, this is one way through which we can be effective in the world.

Professor Ansarian: first of all, terror has been counted as forbidden thing by Islam. The messenger of Islam did not issue any orders of terrorism during his twenty three years of life. And the Shiite scholars also have not issued any orders of terrorism during these one thousand and two hundred years after the occultation of Imam Mahdi may Allah hasten his reappearance.

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: What should we do to save the younger generation from this cancerous tumor?

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: And how should governments be involved in this process?

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: regarding to your scientific activities and your mystical popularity, I have gained some information concerning the interpretation of your new book about the Holy Quran, how is this book currently?

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: what is your reason for writing this commentary of the holy Quran, are the previous commentaries a little old, or you believe that in every era a new commentary of the holy Quran must be written?

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: Do you believe that Muslims who follow different cultures, schools of thought and various faiths can unite?

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: Thank you very much, professor Ansaran, at the end of this valuable dialogue, what advice do you have for Muslims, especially the youth of Ukraine and other countries?

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: I am very happy and it was a pleasure and pride for me to talk to you, and your answers were complete and comprehensive and you have sufficiently answered my questions, I am all ears if you have anything else to declare.

Professor Ansarian: one of the issues I am so eager to mention is that all Muslims follow the holy  Quran to understand it, because the Quran itself says: recite me, reciting means reading, understanding and acting according to Quran, or the Quran says: “By the sun and its noon-time brightness, by the moon when it follows the sun, (Al- Shams- verse 1 and 2); "Tal" means following, recite Quran, and follow it.

Professor Ansarian: If you mean that we find that whether we are caliphs or not, then I must say: the Qur'an expresses the attributes of Allah; if we are in harmony with the attributes of Allah, it means we have fulfilled our being Caliphs, Imams of Shias (AS) have taught us a prayer called Jušhān Kabir, which describes a thousand attributes of Allah in that prayer, If you study those thousand traits, the whole humanity can be manifested for us as the servants of Allah in those  thousand traits. I seek refuge in Allah, we cannot be the Allah himself, but we can be the same as him. The holy Prophet has made an obligatory order to his people and nation, and it is this: behave like Allah Almighty, and that is the sign of being the Caliph of Allah.

The Ukrainian Al Arabiya news agency: : It was a very constructive, scientific and valuable dialogue, and given the importance of the issues and contents relevant to humanities that were presented, this conversation will be translated into Russian and Arabic in order to further benefit the audience.


source : erfan.ir
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