Tuesday 24th of May 2022
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Professor Ansarian: Imam Hussein (as) is a complete manifestation of all values and perfections

Professor Ansarian: Imam Hussein (as) is a complete manifestation of all values and perfections

Qom-Darolerfan/ the researcher, exegete, and scholar of the Holy Quran considered Imam as a complete compass toward the right path and said: Imam is a complete direction, compass toward the right path; some corrupted, infidel people and those who are engaged in bribery as well as embezzlement have no knowledge about the appointed Imam by the Almighty Allah.

According to the public relations and international affairs of the scientific and cultural institution of DarolErfan, Professor Hussein Ansarian expressed in one of his lectures in Hussienieh of Hazrat Abolfaz peace be upon him: It is certainly incumbent upon us to obey the appointed Imam; the Imam whose obedience is an obligation. Allah Almighty has made the obedience of Imam an obligation only for prosperity of this world and our hereafter. If we are to completely know Imam Hussein peace be upon him - that knowing him is certainly like knowing all divine prophets and the infallible Imams- we need to refer to three sources which are the Holy Quran, the narrations and the supplications and we have no other way.

source : erfan.ir
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