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Professor Ansarian: we will be doomed to hell and reach to paradise with “heart”/ the ill hearted person never accepts the truth and is polluted by sin.

Professor Ansarian: we will be doomed to hell and reach to paradise with “heart”/ the ill hearted person never accepts the truth and is polluted by sin.

DarolErfan/ the researcher, exegete and scholar of the holy Quran said that not observing proper Hijab, alcoholism and some other sins are all due to the ill hearts. He also added: the illness of the heart is so extreme and heavy that the owner never accepts the truth and commits sin.

According to public relation and international affairs of the scientific and cultural institution of DarolErfan, professor Ansarian, in one of his lectures in the Mahdieh of Abbass Abad, said: according to Imam Sadeq (AS), the organs of the body are the obedient troops of the heart and whatever it wants them, they obey and do. If the heart is a healthy one, all the organs of the body will do accordingly and they are healthy as well, because they are obedient. People themselves confess this issue. While people do good deeds, if they are asked about the reason, they would certainly say: I had the desire, interest and enthusiasm; and this statement is related to the heart, according to the great scholars of ethics and moral, the organs of the body are not the center of desire, interest and enthusiasm but there are organs that do a series of activities; but they do these activities based on the desire of the heart. And the answer is the same while people are asked about the reasons of doing evils. Why do you not say prayers? They would say: my heart does not want, I do not like it. Why do you not do good deeds? Doing good deeds has got nothing to do with me, they would say the government must do it, why do you commit that sin? I like it, these are what people say and it is the truth, the organ follows the desire of heart and does that desire.

He continued: the lord of universe says: the Holy Quran we have sent down for you is the reminiscent of truths, monotheism, prophecy, moral virtues, good deeds and the facts about the day of resurrection. But whosoever is willing can have and get a pure and healthy life, and if they are reluctant to do so, they ignore the holy Quran and do not follow it and do not act according it.

Professor Ansarian by mentioning that improper Hijab, alcoholism and many other sins are obedient of the heart, said: the illness of heart is extremely heavy that the owner does not accept the truth and commits sin. Allah Almighty says to our Prophet: as long as you are interacting with these ill-hearted people, do not get upset and do not grieve, they won,t listen nor they yield unless their hearts are healed.

Professor Ansarian said: All crimes, oppression, sins and corruptions are obedient of the heart, and all goodness, virtues, values, and integrity are also submissive to the same heart; if we all consider ourselves obedient of the Ahlulbayt peace be upon them, in order for our actions, states and moods to head toward a healthy states, we must make our heart healthy and pure.



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