Tuesday 21st of September 2021
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What position does Eid Ghorban hold in Islam?

What position does Eid Ghorban hold in Islam?

Eid Ghorban is referred to as “Eid al-Adha” and “Eid Nahr” in narrations, which all these terms point to sacrificing a camel or lamb on the tenth day of Zi al-Hijah. Therefore, since Sacrificing is performed on this day, this day is referred to as the Ghorban Eid. Eid Ghorban is one of the most honorable Muslim Eids which is a day on which Hazrat Ibrahim peace be upon him and his son, Hazrat Ismaiel peace be upon him proved to be submissive before divine orders and passed this divine tests proudly, thus, to remember Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismaeil (AS), many Muslim celebrate this day.

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