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The faithful men and women do the divine duties constantly and on time

The faithful men and women do the divine duties constantly and on time

While explaining that the holiday and retirement are equal with damage, Professor Ansarian quoted and narration and said: a man came to Imam Sadeq (AS) in Medina and said: o the son of the messenger of Allah! I want to go on a trip and I thought of asking you for a consultation (Estekhare), and did the Estekhare (seeking the best from Allah) and said it is not good, the man said goodbye and left there, he did not listen to what Imam told him about the Estekhare. He went to the trip he was supposed to go and after three or four month returned and again came to Imam Sadeq and said:

O the son of the messenger of Allah! You did and Estekhare a few months ago and it was not good. Imam said: yes, I even now say that Estekhare is not good. The man said: o the son of the messenger of Allah! I did an Estekhare for a business trip and you said it was bad, but I did not listen to what you said and went to this trip, I had a lot of profit due to the trade and dealing I had during this trip. Why your Estekhare for this trip was not good? Imam said: can you remember that you missed one of your morning prayers and did not perform it at its right time. The man responded: yes! Then Imam said: the profit of your trade in this trip was about ten thousand Derham, the man said; yes, Imam said: if you give charity whatever is on the face of entire universe, it can not make up for those two units of prayers that you missed. This is holiday or retirement.

By referring to this issue that the divine duties have their own special time said: the believer men and the faithful women do their divine duties constantly and until the end of their lives. They do not like holidays from divine duties and they never retire from doing what Allah has asked them to do and the reason is their faith. Imam Ali says in Nahjul balagheh that those who are steadfast in doing divine duties and worships and they hastily strive to perform the divine duties, they will certainly face salvation.

source : erfan.ir
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