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Professor Ansarian: Quran cures all emotional and intellectual pain

Professor Ansarian: Quran cures all emotional and intellectual pain

The exegete of the Holy Quran talked about the Quran as a systematic and lawful rule of the human life, he also added: the Holy Quran has cured all mental, spiritual and psychic illnesses and is the cure for numerous pains as well.

He went on to talk about the topic of human need for divine proofs in the process of its evolution and said: The Prophet (pbuh) and Imam Ali (AS), like all human beings, had 14 billion gray cells, but unlike the general population whose one third of the cells of their brains are active, all the cells of our infallible Imams and the Holy prophets (pbuh) were active. A Western professor who has had many studies on the statements of these two great men told me this issue,

Professor Ansarian said: When the Prophet (pbuh) was on the verge of dying, he asked the Imam of the Faithful (AS) to come to him. When Imam Ali came to Holy Prophet, he asked him to approach his ear to his mouth, Imam Ali did so and it lasted for only some minutes, the people who were present there asked Imam Ali what prophet had advised him and Imam Ali (AS) said in response that the Holy prophet opened and showed a thousand windows of science to me which every window had a thousand other doors. This issue proves that Imam Ali,s (AS) brain was significantly active.

The exegete of the Holy Quran continued: what has been left from the limitless science of Imam Ali (AS)  is Nahj al-Balaghah (the peak of elequenc) and several hundred narrations because after the demise of Holy Prophet (pbuh) Imam Ali (AS) was not allowed to spread his knowledge.

source : erfan.ir
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