Saturday 21st of May 2022
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20th gathering of German Muslim women held in Copenhagen

20th gathering of German Muslim women held in Copenhagen

Fifty-four Muslim women attended the three-day gathering from Friday to Sunday (July 16-18), according to the Islamic Center of Hamburg, which hosted the event.

The women were from cities like Bonn, Hamburg, Berlin, and Wiesbaden.

The theme of this year’s meeting was "Criterion for Choosing the Right Role Model in Life”.

Speeches and question and answer sessions on the mentioned theme, attending Friday prayers at Copenhagen’s Imam Ali (AS) Mosque, and recitation of Surahs of the Quran, including Surah Zuha, were among the programs during the gathering.

On Sunday, they attended a forum where the consequences of following fashions in today’s world was discussed.

There were also religious and educational contests and visits to several sites in the Danish city.

The participants also watched three video clips featuring views of three new Muslim converts from the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark about the reason why they have chosen Shia Islam.

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