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The 19th Night of Ramadhan: A'mal (Performances)

The 19th Night of Ramadhan: A'mal (Performances)

According to Hadith, Laylatul Qadr is either on the 19th, 21st or 23rd night of Ramadhan. More emphasis is laid on the 21st and the 23rd, particularly the 23rd.

The A`maal for this night are:

1. The common A`maal for the three nights of Qadr, including:

a) Ghusl.

b) Namaz Two rak`aat namaz; in each rak`ah after Sura al‌Hamd recite Sura

al-Ikhlas 7 times.

c) Ziyarat of Imam Hussein

d)  Say 100 times:

'Astaghfirullaaha Rabbee Wa-atoobu Ilayh'

I seek forgiveness of Allah, and I turn (repentant) to Him.

e) Say 100 times:

'Allahumma il - `an Qatalata - ameeril mu'mineen'

O Allah, curse the ones who killed Ameerul Mu"mineen.

f) Du`a of Jawshane Kabeer is also recommended on this night.

2) Munajat of Imam Ali (a.s):

This is because Imam Ali was injured this night by the sword of Ibn-e-Mojlam (May Allah Curse be upon him). Our beloved Imam Ali(a.s) Suffered in pain for 2 night and was buried in Najaaf on 21st Ramadhan.

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