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what is the meaning of "Ramadan"?

what is the meaning of "Ramadan"?

Professor Ansarian:

* The word "Ramadan" and "Ramaz" are Arabic words, which means the extreme radiation of sun that has a burning state and the reason for naming this month has been expressed by the great prophet of Islam:”” this month has been named Ramadan because its luminosity and heat burns away the past sins and change the black pages of the case into white.the heat of this month melts the mountains of sins and makes the human soul pure and erase the weeds of sins.the sin is like sprinkling a seed in the land of human soul that when it grows , it is dry and has neither greenness nor lushness.some of the lands are full of dry straws before the planting season.in order to cleanse the lands, the farmers burns all the straws.the ignite all so as to make the lands ready for planting, all the past weeds which hinder human growth must also be burned in "Ramadan" month

source : erfan.ir
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