Monday 27th of June 2022
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Ali (A.S) introduces the Animals

Since most of the world-lovers are not lagging behind dogs in their stinginess, jealousy and harshness the commander of the faithful (A.S) addresses them as dogs when he says, “When you see world-lovers rushing towards things passionately, do not get deceived. Beware of them as they are barking dogs and hunting animals that are ever ready to harm others. The powerful among them eats up the weak and the majority devours the minority.”
It should be noted that the narrations quoted here and so also the Quranic verses are but only a fraction of such overall verses and traditions condemning worldly love. What has been quoted about any sin is less than one-tenth of the texts. Yet whatever has been given here is sufficient enough to prove the graveness of the sin of worldly love and the importance of this prohibition.

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