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The Islamic view of a mother’s role

Just a few famous traditions regarding mothers make it obvious that in Islam, a mother’s role is not only respected and valued, but it is also considered to be key for the survival of a family. It is unfortunate that oftentimes Muslims themselves devalue the position of women and mothers in the family.
In another popular hadith, a man asked the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P):
“O Messenger of Allah, whom should I do goodness to?” The Holy Prophet replied, “Your mother.” The man asked again, “Who next?” The Holy Prophet replied again, “Your mother.” Again the man asked, “Who next?” The Holy Prophet again replied, “Your mother.” When the man asked a fourth time, “Who next?” the Holy Prophet replied, “Your father.” [Al-Majlisi, Allamah Muhammad al-Baqir. Bihar ul Anwar. 74. Page 49]
Verse 15 of Surah Al-Ahqaf of the Holy Qur’an says:
“And we have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good treatment. His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship…”  [Holy Quran, 46: 15]
In just the tone of the way a mother and her nature is spoken about in the Treatise of Rights by Imam Ali ibn Al-Hussein (A.S), we can clearly see the immense honor Islam places on a mother and how important her care and affection is for a growing child:
“Then the right of your mother is that you should know that she carried you where no one carries anyone, and she fed you with the fruit of her heart – that which no one feeds anyone… She was happy and eager, enduring the harm and pains, and the heaviness and the grief until the Mighty Hand expelled you out of her and delivered you out to the Earth. She did not care if she went hungry as long as you ate, and if she was naked as long as you were clothed, and if she was thirsty as long as you drank, and if she was in the sun as long as you were in the shade, and if she was miserable as long as you were happy, and if she was deprived of sleeping as long as you were resting. And her abdomen was your abode, and her lap was your seat, and her breast was your supply of drink, and her soul was your fort. She protected you from the heat and cold of this world. Then, you should thank her for all that. You will not be able to show her gratitude unless through God’s help and His granting you success.” [ibne Al-Hussein, Imam Ali. “The Right of the Mother.” A Divine Perspective on Rights]
These beautiful words from the Treatise of Rights perfectly summarize a mother’s role and her association with her child, both before and after birth. It is a relationship based on giving and sacrifice, and it cannot be removed or replaced.

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