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25th Moharram Shahadat e Imam Zain ul Abedin (a.s.)

25th Moharram Shahadat e Imam Zain ul Abedin (a.s.)

ranquility and worship were reborn on 5th of Shab`an,38 A.H. when the son of 3rd Imam,(Imam Hussain AS),Imam Ali bin Hussain AS came to this world. He was born in Kufa.He is known as "Zain ul Abedin" AS meaning "the Beauty of Worshippers" and "Syed Us Sajjad" AS meaning "the Leader of Worshippers". His mother is Bibi Shehrbano (S.A), the daughter of a Persian king.

Imam Zain ul Abidin AS, was given the Kunya of:
1. Abu` al-Husayn.
2. Abu` al-Hasan.
3. Abu` Mohammed.
4. Abu` Abd Allah.

When he became old, he became thin and weak. This is because he worshipped Allah constantly. Moreover, the tragedy of Karbala drowned him in sorrow and pain, for its terrors accompanied him till he met his Lord, Almighty Allah.

All the noble virtues and gifts which Allah created to distinguish man were found in the character of Imam Zain ul Abedin, AS. No one matched him in his inclinations and his qualities such as sublime manners, high moral standards, and adherence to religion.Imam AS used to leave revenge when he could do so easily.Once when the Imam went out of the mosque, a person abused him, so the people hurried to punish the man, but the Imam prevented them from doing that, saying:
"What Allah has concealed from you is more than (this). Shall I help you with your need?" The person was ashamed of himself and wished that the earth would swallow him up.

He showed patience in the tragic event of Karbala. Imam AS was man of bravery and self esteem.He inherited these qualities from his father.Imam`s AS another quality was bravery which he inherited from his grandfather.When Imam AS was taken to the court to the tyrant Ubaid ullah ,he ordered Imam to be killed,but Imam AS replied:
"Martyrdom is a custom for us, and our miracle from Allah is martyrdom."

Another quality of Imam Zain ul-Abedin, AS, was kindness to people; his holy heart overflowed with mercy and kindness towards them.

The Umayyad government determined to destroy Islam and to vanish its foundations. Imam Zain ul Abedin, AS, witnessed the martyrdom of his father,Imam Hussain AS and his family and companions.During the incident of Karbala,Imam Zain ul Abedin AS was severely ill and did not participate with sword in the battle.The illness of Imam AS may be Allah`s plan to save the Imamate.

After the martyrdom of Imam Hussain AS,Imamate came to Imam Zain ul Abedin AS.
The cruel army of Yazid set the tents of Aal e Rasool SAWW to fire.The leader of the ladies of Karbala Bibi Zainab SA with other ladies shifted from one tent to other.At last, she came to Imam Zain ul Abedin who was lying on bed due to illness and asked that he was now the Imam of the time, tell them whether to be burnt in fire or to leave the tents. Imam AS ordered them to leave the tents and save the lives.That was the most tragic sight which Imam Zain al-Abedin saw. He did not forget it throughout his lifetime. After the martyrdom of his father, he always said:
"By Allah, when I look at my aunts and my sisters, tears choke me because I remember the day of al-Taff when they escaped from tent to tent and the caller of the people was calling: Set fire to the houses of the oppressors!"

Then the Ladies and children of the Rasool SAWW family were made slaves and taken to the streets of Damascus and Kufa without Hijab.

Imam Zain ul Abedin AS was severely tortured with chains.But the real torture for Imam AS was to see his family women without Hijab as it was snatched by the cruel Yazidis.

The rude unbelievers attacked Imam Zain ul-Abedin whose strength was sapped by illness, and whose heart was filled with terrible tragedies.

After the tragedy of Karbala and after the arrival in Madina the Holy Imam AS spent the rest of his life in mourning for His holy Father Imam Husain (A.S). For 40 years the Imam AS continuously cried and revealed the tragedy for his lovers.

In Madina the propagation was acted out by his prayers which are all collected together into a book which is called the sister of the Holy Quran with its name: "Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya" & "Sahifa-e-Kamela" and also "Zuboor-e-Aal-e-Muhammad" & "Injeel-e-Ahlul-Bayt".

Despite this silent propagation the present ruler Walid Ibne Abdul-Malik felt threatened and decided to blow out the fourth candle of Imamat. On the 25th of Moharram in 95 (A.H) Imam Sajjad AS was poisoned by Walid in Madina. The Holy Son of our 4th Imam, Imam Muhammad Baqir AS. buried His Holy father in Jannatul-Baqi and prayed the funeral prayers. The shia scholars have written that Imam Zain ul Abedin AS left 15 children after His martyrdom.

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