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The rebellious person is a skeleton who will be the firewood of the Hellfire.

The rebellious person is a skeleton who will be the firewood of the Hellfire.

The daughter of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) wants to teach us that in every situation we are poor and beggar and in dire need of a source which his treasury is neither ended nor lessened and he is the key keeper of the whole universe. Whatever happens in the world is due to his will and volition, if he does not want something to be with us it will disappear instantly and in a blink of an eye, if he does not want something to be effective in our life, it would have no effect, if we are hopeful of something or someone he can immediately cut it. It is only his treasury which is never ending and never finishes, it is only his benevolence and mercifulness which is permanent and perpetual, and it is only his power which aids us constantly and in every single moment of our life.

Hazrat Zahra (SA) had been begging Allah Almighty ever day of her life and she never lowered her begging hand until the last moments of her life. Her father the noble Messenger of Allah was proud of his innate need of Allah. The holy Prophet (pbuh) used to say: I am proud of my poverty to Allah, it means he was proud of constantly asking Allah, and continually being in need of Allah.

But if people claim to be independent and not in need of Allah because they have money, they have their jobs and properties, this state is referred to as Self-sufficiency in the holy Quran.

Behind this Self-sufficiency lies rebellion, it means when I am stricken to Self-sufficiency I have nothing to do with Allah and Allah Almighty has also abandoned me, then I will be contaminated with every sin with my money, with my beauty, with my body, with my job and health because I have no friend to care about me and no guard to keep me safe.

Being Self-sufficient, I declare I have no need to Allah and Allah abandons me and let me alone. When someone is separated from the mercy of Allah, dozens of devils- big and small- lie in ambush to take him and then start looting and ruining his thoughts, behavior, humanity, dignity, and his personality and the person himself does not understand this too. When the spoiling and looting is over, the person has nothing to be taken from.

And finally professor Ansarian mentioned: the lord of the universe says in the holy Quran: what is left for such a person is a skeleton that is the firewood of hellfire.


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