Monday 29th of November 2021
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Do what I have ordered you to do.

Do what I have ordered you to do.

Imam Sadiq (AS) said:

The Almighty Allah ordered two angels to destroy one town with all its residents, when they reached the end of the town and the destruction was about to be finished, they saw a man while he was praying and weeping, one of those angels said: look at this man, the other one said: I don’t care about his praying and weeping, what I do care about is the command of Almighty Allah, again the other angel said: I do nothing until I ask Allah Almighty what shall we do, then they said: O Allah! That servant of yours is praying and weeping, they were told, do what I have commanded you to do, because he is the man who has never changed angrily against the sinners and wrongdoers.

source : erfan.ir
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