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The Worldly life is likened to water

The Worldly life is likened to water

 The world is the skies, earth, the mountains and mines, every bit of these is valuable. The worldly life or the life of people in this world is like water, it is a very odd Metaphor. It means whatever attempts people are going through and whatever they make are all over the water. Water is the basis of life. Is water a sturdy and strong position? The water produces worms, it stinks, its color changes, it steams and vanishes into thin air and nothing actually remains. And a great deal of other things can be mentioned about water. For example it drowns, chokes and annihilates. These are taken from the holy Quran. What did water do with the people of Prophet Nuh (pbuh) and Pharaoh? What did water do with your ancestors? What did water do when it turned into flood? What did water do except that it destroyed the agricultural land as well as their home and everything that belonged to them? He would like to tell the apparent form of their life. The palaces, the buildings, the properties the factories and their sources of income and all the things that make people busy and proud before their creator and they feel as if they needn’t Allah Almighty. They would say: I have everything, why should I need Allah? For what pains of mine should I say my prayers? What part of my body should I keep healthy by fasting? Why should I go to Mecca? Why should I take off my clothes and sit on this dus? What for?

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