Sunday 25th of July 2021
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Following Shia Islam allowed just like Sunni schools of thought: Egyptian Qari

Following Shia Islam allowed just like Sunni schools of thought: Egyptian Qari

Asked by al-Shaab al-Misri news network about his view on Shiism, Sheikh Ahmed Ahmed Noaina referred to a Fatwa (religious edict) by a former Egyptian Mufti and scholar, Sheikh Mahmood Shaltout, underlining that following Shia Islam is allowed as it is with following the four Sunni schools of thought.

Sheikh Shaltoot was the head of the renowned al-Azhar Theological school in Egypt, one of the main centers of Sunni scholarship in the world, decades ago.

In the Fatwa, issued in 1959, Sheikh Shaltoot stressed that the Ja’fari (Shia) school of thought is a school of thought that is religiously correct to follow in worship as are other Sunni schools of thought.

"Muslims must know this, and ought to refrain from unjust prejudice to any particular school of thought, since the religion of Allah and His Divine Law (Shari’ah) was never restricted to a particular school of thought,” he added in his Fatwa.

Noaina highlighted this Fatwa and said anyone who bears witness to the oneness of God and prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) and says prayers and fasts is a Muslim.

"We, Muslims, ought to unite as one Ummah,” he underscored, regretting attempts by some to foment discord and disunity among Muslims.

He went on to say that all Muslims should focus on their commonalities instead of differences.

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