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Is abortion allowed as a result of rape? The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardabili’s answers

Is abortion allowed as a result of rape? The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardabili’s answers

The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardabili answered questions about abortion in cases of rape.

Question: As you are aware some of the reasons for abortions are due to rape where some girls or women unwillingly or by force such as: hypnotism, sleeping drugs, anaesthetic agents, etc., are forced into adultery and become pregnant. To preserve their dignity, to have the opportunity to marry, etc., they do not report it to the related authorities, and afterwards they are under severe stress which in some cases can harm the health of the individuals and even can lead to suicide. As doctors preserve the secrets of the patients and the health of their patients is their priority, if a woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape by force, or adultery with Maharem, and before the spirit has entered the foetus (before 4 months of pregnancy), can she consult a doctor and ask for abortion? Is the doctor allowed to carry out the abortion as per above-mentioned conditions?

The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardabili: If the mother is not guilty in this action (meaning it has not been with her choice or will), and the existence of the foetus is hard for the mother, there is no problem in aborting it before the spirit enters the foetus but Diyeh (blood money) must be paid.

source : shafaqna
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