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Why we cry for Imam Hussain (AS)?

Why we cry for Imam Hussain (AS)?

Regarding Imam Hussain (AS), in fact the human being cries for the oppression of justice and wisdom. If justice wants to come out in a shape, it will be drawn in the most beautiful shape; if wisdom wants to come into a shape, it will appear as an angel. Things which have been drawn in paradise are images of justice and wisdom; are the same faces of justice and wisdom. In here, the fruits of the tree of wisdom are justice, and fruits of the tree of justice are wisdom.

Imam Reza (AS) was asked:  The narrations about the forbidden tree which Adam (AS) was ordered to avoid and not to eat from it; what was that tree? Some say: It was wheat, some say it was grape, some say it was date. Imam (AS) replied: The tree of paradise is not like the tree in this world which if it is grape, cannot give dates, or does not give apples or pears! The tree of paradise is in the service of the residents of the paradise, whatever the resident wishes, will be granted. In here, the fruits of the tree of justice are wisdom, and the fruits of the tree of wisdom are justice. If a person becomes wise, he/she is also just; if a person is just, is also wise. We cry and mourn because they wanted to cut such a tree [1].

[1] Parts of speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, Amol, 1384/11/11 (1/03/2005).

source : shafaqna
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