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Professor Ansarian: Stating the virtues of Imam Ali (AS) is the true remembrance (Dhikr)

Professor Ansarian: Stating the virtues of Imam Ali (AS) is the true remembrance (Dhikr)

On the Day of Ghadeer celebration that was held in Amir Mosque in Tehran , Professor Hossein Ansarian, the great exegete of the Holy Quran, gave a speech while elaborating on the true meaning of remembrance (Dhikr) in various sources. He further pointed out: the real meaning of remembrance (Dhikr) is heartily attention to Allah Almighty according to three authentic sources which are Quran, narrations and Supplications (Duas), of course the afore mentioned attention  shouldn’t be the static one which causes no changes in human but it should be the dynamic one which is toward human perfection.

He continued his speech about the meaningful word by referring to a hadith from Imam Sadiq (as) and said:

Imam Sadiq (AS) says in a hadith: being busy with remembrances (Dhikrs) like  "Subhan Allah", "Alhamdulillah" or "La Illaha Illa Allah"  and being ignorant of the real meaning of ḏākir (ذاكر) are not what we really want from our shias but the true concept of " ḏākir (ذاكر) " is to obey Allah and be pious while confronting the divine lawful and unlawful things (halal and haram).this way the person can be the real " ḏākir (ذاكر) ".

In his speech, he also mentioned other meanings of the " ḏākir (ذاكر) " and said:

Another concept of the remembrance (Dhikr) is the holy Quran itself where Allah has stipulated in the ninth verse of Surah Al-Hijr, remembrance (Dhikr) in this verse is to recall the concept of truth and Imam Ali (AS) has said about it: it is to recall all past and future events of the world that is a lesson for you.

Professor Ansarian also mentioned a hadith from Imam Baqir (AS) in the narrative sources to elucidate the concept of remembrance (Dhikr):

The pure Imams are mentioned as remembrance (Dhikr) in the narrations of Ahl-e Bayt (AS), In this regard, Imam Baqir said: we are the remembrance (Dhikr) and we remind you of the guidance path and the straight path.

He referred to prayers as another concept of remembrance (Dhikr) in another part of his speech and further stated:

Verily the prayer is the remembrance (Dhikr) of Allah as Allah Almighty has stipulated in the ninth verse of Jomea Sura by saying: “O you who believe! when the call is made for prayer on Friday, then hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave off trading;”

Professor Ansarian referred to a nice narration from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) in this regard by stating the meaning of speaking and talking for the term remembrance (Dhikr) in Arabic dictionaries and emphasized on this meaning in his speeches.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: remembering Allah is worship so as me (The Messenger of Allah (PBUH)) and Ali (Imam Ali (a.s))

The above mentioned narration is of utmost importance and invites people to remember Allah Almighty in every place and in every situation and it is considered to be a great worship.

He also emphasized on remembering Allah in any situation and counted remembrance of Imam Ali’s (AS) virtues as divine ones and said:

Speak about Imam Ali’s morals and values in your gatherings so that no take his place in your heart. Indeed, by speaking of Imam Ali’s miracles and mysticism you prevent the entrance of enemies in your heart and heart which is always remembering Imam Ali will certainly remain pure and pristine and stay away from pollution and evil.

Professor Ansarian continued his speech about remembrance of Imam Ali (AS) said:

Looking at Imam Ali’s (a.s) face is considered worship like remembering and talking about him, although we are now deprived of this grace. Looking at Imam Ali’s face which equals looking at Ka'bah has been considered worship by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH).

The prophet said: Looking at the Ka'bah which is of the soil and rocks adds a hundred thousand good deeds to human’s deeds’ letter ( nameiee Aamal) and remove one hundred thousand evil deeds from it.

In the final segment of his speech, professor Ansarian declared that considering the above mentioned narration from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), Looking at Imam Ali’s face is of innumerable value and good deeds. So whoever loves Ali (AS) and follows him will be interceded by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) on the Day of Judgment and he asks Imam Ali (AS) to give him the water of Kawthar by his own hand, The water that frees people from any sort of thirst and that is a promising hope that is certain to happen and creates an indescribable joy in the heart.

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