Sunday 26th of September 2021
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Sheikh Zakzaky vs SSS, Police, Attorney General: hearing further adjourned

Sheikh Zakzaky vs SSS, Police, Attorney General: hearing further adjourned

The case between Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and the State Security Service SSS, Nigerian Police and the Attorney General of Federation slated for hearing  at the Federal High Court in Abuja has further been shifted to 20th of Septembers 2016 by the court.

Addressing the court, the Court 6 judge, Justice Kolwale said the that he fixed a day for hearing in the case base on  an earlier assumption that the end of legal year vacation  will commence on the 15th of July but was later changed to 11th of July.

Counsel to Sheikh Zakzaky headed by Femi Falana SAN asked for a date to be fixed for hearing within the vacation period to  which the Judge declined saying he could only fix a date with the consent of both parties in the case and the defense  counsel is absent.

Responding to questions from newsmen after the session Falana stated that there is no such thing as out of court settlement and called for the immediate and unconditional release of his client.

He stated that his client was attacked by the Army in his residence, killed three of his sons, shot him and his wife severally, burned down his house and took him away asking what is there to be settled?

A similar procedure was adopted for the case of the wife of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN, Malama Zeenat Ibrahim versus the same defendants for which the same date was fixed for hearing.

source : hawzahnews
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