Thursday 2nd of December 2021
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Feed Nova Scotia gets $10K from Muslim families

Feed Nova Scotia gets $10K from Muslim families

The group Muslims of Halifax spent Saturday morning bagging $10,000 dollars worth of food for food banks in Nova Scotia.

Approximately 50 people participated, including many children. They bagged cereal, tuna, pasta, and other foods. Each bag is ready to go to one family in need.

Feed Nova Scotia sent out an appeal earlier this week — saying its supplies were critically low. 

Spirit of Ramadan

Asraa El-Darahali


Asraa El-Darahali says 50 volunteers with the group Muslims of Halifax stuffed bags of food for families who rely on Feed Nova Scotia. (Elizabeth Chiu/CBC)

The call for help happened to come during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan — a time of year food drive coordinator Asraa El-Darahali said made this donation more meaningful.

“During the month of Ramadan you’re fasting and this year we fasted for the longest period of time. It’s 18.5 hours so we really felt what hunger felt like and we really felt what those who go without a meal feel,” said El-Darahali.

Volunteers spent about two hours stuffing bags for Feed Nova Scotia.

Ummah Mosque executive chair, Ashraf Al Zaman, said people were eager to volunteer.

“We are sharing some of the Ramadan spirit with the greater community,” said Zaman.

source : shafaqna
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