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Spain's Cordoba Mosque: Remnant of an Islamic civilization

Spain's Cordoba Mosque: Remnant of an Islamic civilization

Centuries ago, the Islamic civilization left its print on what is known as Spain today with the Cordoba mosque being a significant remnant of Muslim culture and heritage.

With its marvelous architectural design, the Cordoba Mosque was built in 784 by Ab Al-Rahman I, the first Prince of Cordoba.
After purchasing the Christian half of what was known as the Catholic Basilica of Saint Vincent of Lerins, Ab Al-Rahman I proceeded to demolish the structure to build the Mosque.

The facility covers around 23,400 square meters and there are some 850 columns supporting the structure of the Mosque.
After returning to Christian rule in 1236, the Mosque was transformed yet again to a Catholic Church, but the overall design still reflects a remnant of what Islam has accomplished in the distant past.

source : hawzahnews
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