Sunday 20th of June 2021
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Costa Rican lady convert to Shia Islam at Imam Ridha holy shrine; Islam guided me to way of awakening and felicity

Costa Rican lady convert to Shia Islam at Imam Ridha holy shrine; Islam guided me to way of awakening and felicity

Concurrent with birthday anniversary of Imam Hassan (2nd Shia Imam), a girl from Costa Rica converted to Shia Islam at the Razavi Holy Shrine.

Marcella Vargas Santa Maria, the Christian lady who converted to Islam in the birthday anniversary of Imam Hassan, concerning her inclination to Islam said, “Following several years of studying about religions, I found Islam as the most perfect and genuine religion that is able to answer all my questions and to direct me to the happiness in the both worlds; so I chose Shi’ite Islam both heartily and rationally.”

Replacing Marcella with Reihaneh after converting to Islam, she remarked, “This is the second time I have come to holy Mashhad. As I entered the courtyard of the Holy Shrine, I had a queer feeling that never had experienced.”

“I am very happy that I converted to Islam in this holy place in the birthday anniversary of Imam Hassan that is the best exemplary model in terms of ethics and generosity”, she continued.

“This event is a special and valuable gift certainly granted by the divine grace and Imam Ridha’s (8th Shia Imam) favor”, she said.

Wishing her exaltation in the world and the Hereafter she added, “I feel I have found my lost one and my heart proves it.”

After the ceremony of the conversion that was held with presence of the servants of the Razavi Holy Shrine and aired through the live TV program ‘the dear city’, her marriage sermon with an Iranian man also was uttered and at the end, some precious gifts including Qur’an, prayer rug, Chador, and some books on Islam were donated to her by Management Office of Non-Iranian Pilgrims of Astan Quds Razavi.

source : abna24.com
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