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Behave with charity towards fellowmen, particularly during Ramadan

Behave with charity towards fellowmen, particularly during Ramadan

As we are, approximately at the middle of the holy month of Ramadan, the rich people should do their best to provide the needy people with enough iftar (breaking fast items) and provide them with cash or foodstuff assistances.
In other Islamic countries, during the holy month of Ramadan, this is popular, if someone finds a households needy, they hurry for their assistances and makes efforts to tackle their problems, serving them different types of foods during iftar (breaking fast) and suhur (early fast.)
The prices go down and the shopkeepers offer reasonable or very low price items to the costumers.
But, in our country, Afghanistan, the traders are making effort to raise the prices and not hesitate to offer a high price items to the costumers, most of them suffering economic problems. They complained that they work down to dusk, but gain no enough money to support even one time of their house members, while the shopkeepers are dealing them with high price foodstuff, as they see demand exceeds offer in the market.
A number of Kabul citizens who had been interviewed by the Kabul Times reporter have the following vision during the holy month of Ramadan.
Haji Karim Taraki complained about the hike of price during the holy month of fasting and said from 100 to 400 Afghanis have raised in the price some preliminary food items, with 400 Afghanis added to a bag of 50 kilogram sugar in the Kabul market.
As Afghanistan imports its primary foodstuff from Iran and Pakistan, the food items sellers ask for additional payment to the customers, he said adding now a bag of 50 kilogram flour is sold in 1400 Afghanis and each 50 kilogram sugar was in 2400 Afghanis in the Kabul market.
Other food items including rice, ghee, bee etc. are also at their apex of price as the shopkeepers’ reasons were rise in the dollar price recently.
Failure of the government to control the market and recklessness of the shopkeepers in selling the primary edible items have been called the main reason behind hike price in the country’s market, particularly in the capital Kabul.
He asked the government and the related organs to pay attention in this field and help the needy households receive their needed edibles with reasonable prices. Afghanistan, under free market is facing intense uncontrollable selling of commodities, though with vain promises from the organs concerned to balance the prices since the last more than 14 years

source : hawzahnews
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