Wednesday 3rd of March 2021
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The Clinic of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali's Blood Donation Campaign in Ramadan

 The Clinic of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali's Blood Donation Campaign in Ramadan

The clinic prepared for this campaign to help the fighters of the Popular Mobilization Volunteers and the people who contracted chronic diseases. The coordinator of the clinic, the biologist Qasim al-Mowsawi, said in a statement to the Media Center of the Holy Shrine ‘In coordination with the Health Department in Najaf we implemented this campaign in Ramadan to support the diseased and the fighters.’

‘The clinic was equipped with the requirements of the campaign. That happened in coordination with the director of the blood bank. The campaign lasts from the first day of Ramadan to the last day of it,’ he added.

source : hawzahnews
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