Tuesday 18th of May 2021
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British Girl Memorizes Entire Quran at 7

British Girl Memorizes Entire Quran at 7

 A seven-year-old British Muslim girl has managed to learn the entire Quran by heart.

Maria began memorizing the holy book at the age of five and within two years, she has learned it all.

The holy Quran has 114 chapters and over 70,000 words.

Along the way, she has raised thousands of pounds for children in Syria, according to Press TV.

Maria has become a bit of a celebrity in her hometown in the city of Luton in England.

Her Facebook page has more than 6,000 followers.

Memorizing Islam’s Holy Book is challenging in its own way. But this seven-year-old has inspired all by remembering the entire book by heart.

source : Shafaqna
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