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The birthday of Imam Al Sajjad AS

The birthday of Imam Al Sajjad AS

Of his birth
Sheikh AlArdabeili RH said:
Ali bin Alhussain AS was born on a day time on Thursday, 5th Sha'aban 38H (Arabian calendar). During the days of his grandfather Ali Bin Abi Taleb AS; 2 years before he was killed. (1)
Ibn Shahr Ashob said: His birth was in Almadina on Thursday, the middle of Jemada AlAkhera. A few people said: it was Thursday 9 Sha'aban 83H 2 years earlier than the death of the commander of the faithful, also said 87H and some said 86H.(2)
But the known correct view is the first saying.

 His Pure mother 
Shaharbānawayh daughter of Yazdegerd III son of Shahryar the son of Khosrau II. She is also called Shahzanān. The commander of the faithful AS named her 'Mariam'. Some said he named her Fatima. Also said: Do well to Shaharbānawayh because she is a pleasant and she will give a birth for the best of men on earth after you. In another occasion he said: she is the mother of the guardians, the pure progeny. (3)

Historians also praised her; Almobarad said: Shahzanān was among the best of women) (4)
Ibn Shadqam said: Shahzanān had had great merit (5). Alhafeth Mohamed bin Yusef Alkunji said: Allah the Almighty made the Imams whom the offspring of Alhussain from the daughter of Khosrau and not from the rest of his wives (6).

 His epithets AS 
Zain Al'abedien( the Ornament of the worshippers), Alsajjad (the one who constantly prostrated himself in prayer), Thu Althafanat (the one with calluses because something like the calluses of the camel appeared on the parts on which he prostrated), Albakaa(the one who cries a lot), Al'abed ( The worshiper)..etc. But the most famous one is Zain Al'abedien as he was known as.

In the Almarweiat narrated from Alzohri that he said: a caller will shout on the Day of Judgment' let the Master of worshipers rise up' then Ali bin Alhussain AS rise up. And he was nicknamed with Thu Althafanat because his prostration position was like the calluses of the camel for constantly prostrating on it (7).

About calling him Albakaa, narrators said: Imam Ja'afar Bin Mohamed Alsadiq (AS) said: He cried Alhussain AS for 20 years or 40. and whenever a food being between his hands he cry until a slave told him: May I be your sacrifice O son of Messenger of Allah, I am worried about you might be perished.
He replied: "Surely I complain of my anguish and my grief only to Allah, and I know from Allah what you do not know. Surely, I have never brought to mind the martyrdom of the children of Fatimah (A.S.) except that I have been choked with tears due to it (8).
Narrators stated in many times about his sadness and mourns, and whenever he was offered food or water he says: how could I eat and Abo Abdellah (Alhussain) was killed hungry and how could I drink and Abo Abdellah was killed thirsty.

Whenever a group or a delegation meeting with him, he was repeating that tragedy and telling them it's events. Sometimes when he goes to the market and see a butcher wants to slaughter a sheep etc. he get close to him and says: did you water it?
The butcher replies: 'Yes O the sons of Messenger of Allah, we constantly do not slaughter an animal until we water him albeit a little water'. Then he cries when he hears that and says: 'Abo Abdellah was slaughtered thirsty'.

He was trying in the majority of his attitudes to charge the souls and prepare them for revolution against the oppressors whom profaned the forbidden of Allah and mocked the humanitarian values and the Islamic call for the sake of their thrones and greediness.
These attitudes were fruitful and prepared the Islamic masses in Alhejaz (Arabia), Iraq and others to the revolution.

 His sons 
Sheikh Almufeed that Ali Zain Al'abedien AS has got 15 child: 11 boys and 4 girls (9).
The eldest and the greatest is Imam Mohamed Bin Ali nicknamed with Albaqer. His mother is Fatima the daughter of Imam Alhasan AS who gave a birth of four: Alhasan, Alhssainm, Mohamed Albaqer and Abdollah. She was nicknamed by his name (Um Abdollah).
It seems that his eldest son Mohamed Albaqer AS was born in 57H and he was 3 years old when his grandfather Alhussain was martyred in Karbala.
Another boys he had, Zaid and Umar; their mother is a slave.
Alhussain Alasghar (the youngest one), Abd Alrahman and Solaiman; their mother is a slave.
Mohamed Alasghar and Ali Alasghar who was the youngest of his sons.
(His daughters) Khadijah, Fatima, A'leiah and Um-Kolthum their mother is a slave.

 His brothers 
Imam Ali bin Alhussain AS used to have two brothers; Ali Alakbar and Abdullah the infant. He (Ali alakbar) killed with his father in Karbala and left no progeny. His mother was Amenah daughter of Abi Murrah bin Masod Althaqafi, her mother the daughter of Abi Sufian bin Harb.
About Abdullah the infant his mother was Alrabab daughter of Emro'-Alqais he was also killed with his father and brother in the day of Taf.

 His sisters 
He used to have three sisters too: Sokaina and Fatima Al'alelah (The Ailing) whose Imam Hussain AS left in Almadina with Um Salama (the prophet wife) and Fatima Alsugrah whose known as Ruqaiah (10).

 A brief of his biography AS 
Abi Baser narrated: Abi Abdellah Alsadiq AS said: Ali bin Alhussain was captured (killed) when he was 57 years old 95H. he lived for 35 years after Alhussain (11).
Almufeed said: he stayed with his grandfather the commander of faithful for two years, with his uncle Alhasan 12 years, with his father Alhussain AS 23 years, and after his father 34 years (12).
AlHussaini Alameili said: During the time of his Imamate period Yazeed bin Moaweiah government remained until he died in 64H. Then the people of Alsham (Syria) pledged allegiance to his son Moaweiah who stayed in the head of the government for 40 days. After Moaweiah people pledged allegiance to Marwan bin Alhakam who ruled as a Caliphate for 4 months. Then he died and people pledged allegiance to his son Abdolmalek.
And he (Abdolmalek) inaugurated Alhajaj bin Yusef Althaqafi on Kufa. He was the most repugnant against Ahl-ul-bait (the Householders) AS and killed a big number of shi'aa e.g. Kumail bin Zeiad the companion of the commander of the faithful AS, Qunbr the slave of the commander of the faithful AS, Saeid bin Jubair the commander of the faithful AS etc.. Everything was stabilized to Abdolmalek whose succession lasted for 21 years and died in 86H. Then his son Alwalid governed after him and the Imam lived some part of his governing (13).

 His letter AS to his Shia'a and supporters 

In The Name of Allah, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful

May Allah guards you and us against the trickeries of the oppressors, the tyranny of the envious, and the violence of the despots.
It surely exalts the mean and demeans the noble. It will drive some people into Hell. This is an efficient lesson, trial, and warning for the heedful.

Seek Allah's help and return to the obedience to Him and those whose obedience should be preferred to those whom are currently followed and obeyed.
Be thoroughly careful before you suffer regret and sorrow when you will be taken to Allah to stand before him (for maintaining judgment).
By Allah I take the oath, any people who direct to the disobedience to Allah will surely suffer His agony, and any people who prefer the worldly pleasures to the life to come will surely suffer grievous end and ill fate.
The acknowledgment of Allah and the pursuance of the acts of obedience to Him are connected to each other He whoever acknowledges Allah will fear Him, and whoever fears Allah will be urged acting obediently to Him.
Scholars and their disciples worked hard for the sake of Allah and desired for Him after they had acknowledged Him. In this regard, Allah says: Only Allah's knowledgeable servants fear Him. (Holy Qur'an 35:28)
Do not receive anything from the pleasures of this world through committing an act of disobedience to Allah. Spend your times with performing acts of obedience to Allah, seize the opportunities of this world, and work for matters due to which you will be saved from the agony of Allah. This way will decrease your sins, make your apologies more excusable, and increase your opportunities of salvation.
Precede the fulfillment of Allah's instructions and the acts of obedience to Him and to them whose obedience is incumbent upon you to your other affairs.
Do not precede the acts of obedience to the tyrannical rulers and the pleasures of this world to the fulfillment of Allah's instructions and the acts of obedience to Him and to them whose obedience is incumbent upon you.
You should know that you, as well as we, are the servants of Allah, Who prevails us and will be he Only Judge tomorrow when He will subjugate you to interrogation. Prepare the answers for that interrogation before it falls and before you are standing ahead of the Lord of the worlds. On that day, no one will speak before obtaining His permission.
You should also know that Allah will not believe the liars, belie the truthful, reject the excusable apology, or excuse the unjustifiable apology. Allah's is the whole argument against the creatures through His messengers and their successors.
Fear Allah and keep on reforming yourselves, performing acts of obedience to Him and to His representatives. It happens that one feels sorry for his past negligence and omission of Allah's dues and rights. Seek Allah's forgiveness and repent to Him, for He accept the repentance, pardons the evildoings, and knows well whatever you do.
Beware of associating with the disobedient (to Allah), supporting the oppressors, and neighboring the sinful.
Beware of the seditious affairs of such the disciples of Allah, opt for a religion other than Allah's, and prefer their own opinions to the opinions of Allah's disciples (namely the Imams) will be suffering flaming fire (in Hell) that will consume their bodies [from which the souls are absent] and whose hard-heartedness overcame; [therefore, they are dead as they do not feel the heat of Hell].
Learn lessons, people of sights, and thank Allah for His guiding you. You should know that you cannot move away from the control of Allah's ability to anything else. Allah will watch your actions and you will be gathered before Him. Benefit by the lessons and imitate the ethics of the virtuous ones.

Peace be upon Zain Al'abedien, the delight of the viewer on the day he was born, the day martyred, and the day he return alive.

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