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Shiite agencies in Canada

About Us

Islam has long been systematically portrayed in the western media as an intolerant religion that breeds violence and terrorism. Images of suicide attacks in Iraq and elsewhere, of killing hostages and civilians in the name of Allah (SWAT) are used to discredit Islam of any merit.

Furthermore, these events have unfortunately reinforced the popular misconceptions and negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims, and have widened the cultural gap between Muslims and non-Muslims, to the extent that attempts for dialogue are met with scepticism and apathy.

Generally speaking, westerners lack an objective understanding of Islam. They tend to confuse it with some bad cultural practices in Muslim countries. Therefore, there is a need to bring forward an objective and balanced view of Islam and to try to distance it as ideology and practice from the malpractices in Muslim countries. On the other hand, there is a need for Muslims to look inward in the hope of trying to better understand Islam and to look outward in an attempt to present it as a religion of peace and dialogue.

Although there have been attempts to beautify the image of Islam in the west, most of these were individual initiatives -by Muslim associations, centres and individuals- that fell short of producing a large-scale and lasting impact. Hence, there is a need for Islamic institutions for higher learning. These institutions are capable in the long run of not only dissipating the misconceptions about Islam but more importantly of establishing a forum for dialogue with other religions and cultures, on a community and academic levels.

For that purpose, the Canadian House of Wisdom(CHW) was founded in the year 2006 by Dr. Seyed Zeinul Abadeen Shahrestani. The CHW took up residence in Montreal (Canada), but its mandate is worldwide. The CHW aims at:

- offering Islamic teachings according to the "Twelve Imams" doctrine, through

lectures, conferences, and the media;

- launching dialogue with other religious and cultural communities, based on

understanding and mutual respect;

- establishing an Islamic open university (CHWOU), recognized worldwide as an

institution for on-line learning;

- establishing a centre for documentation and Islamic studies that will include an

important Islamic library;

- publishing journals and periodicals that promote knowledge and understanding;

- coordinating with other Islamic centres and organizations in North America.

The CHW brings people together for constructive dialogue, and presents a balanced view of Islam based on Imam Ali’s saying (PBUH): "people are either brothers in faith or partners in humanity"

Among the CHW projects, the open university is a major preoccupation and constitutes the pillar of its foundation.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of the Canadian House of Wisdom Open University. The Board adopts regulations, rules, and strategies governing the University.

·        Dr. Seyed ZainAbedin Hussaini Al-Shahrestani–

·        His Excellency Dr Abdol Hassan Zalzaleh- Minister of Industry and commerce 1964 1965, Deputy General Secretary of the Arab League 1976-1988

·        Dr. Hussain Merhi-lecturer in Education, Concordia University, Canada

·        Dr. Seyed Mohammamd Amin Shahrestani- Lecturer in Electronic Engineering, Concordia University, Canada

·        Dr.Mohammadreza Ramezanifard-Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Concordia University, Canada

·        Dr. Mohammad Al-Asadi-Lecturer in Communication Engineering, Edinburgh, UK, Consultant EMC and Communication Engineering

Scientific Advisory Board

Below is a list of members of the CHWU’s Scientific Advisory Board. Advisory members are selected to bring their expertise to the Committee and help with discussions and recommendations:

·        His Excellency Dr. Seyed Muhamad Khatami–Iranian President in 1997 till 2001 and 2001 till 2005.

·        Ayatullah AbasAli AmidZanjani– Chancellor of The University of Tehran.

·        Ayatullah Seyed Ali Melani - Lecturer and Researcher at Hawza Elmiya-Qom, Iran

·        Ayatullah Seyed Kamal Al-Haidari- Lecturer and Researcher at Hawza Elmiya-Qom, Iran.

·        Ayatullah Shaikh Muhammad Hassan Al-Jawaheri- Lecturer and Researcher at Hawza Elmiya-Qom, Iran.

·        Hujatullah Seyed Muhammad Ali Abtahi–Iranian Vice-president on 2001-2005 and President of Institute for Interreligious Dialogue.

·        Hujatul Islam Seyed Hashem Boshehri- Chancellor of Hawza Elmiye Qom, Iran

·        Shikh Hassan Akhtari– President of Ahlul Bait (A.S) Al-Alamiya foundation, Iranian Ambassador of Syria

·        Dr. Muhammad Reza Yusefi-Vice-Chancellor of Mufid University, Qom, Iran

·        Dr. Hamid Parsania– Chancelloe of Al-Baghir Ulum University, Qom, Iran

·        Seyed Abul Hassan Nawab- President of Religion and Faith Centre, Qom, Iran

·        Shaikh Mehdi Qazi, Chancellor of the University of Qom

·        Dr. Muhsin Jawadi– Lecturer and Researcher in The University of Qom

·        Dr. Suhal Fasha– Vice-Chancellor of Islamic Civilization Open University, Beirut, Lebanon

·        Dr. Mukhlis Al-Jada– Chancellor of Islamic Civilization Open University, Beirut, Canada

·        Professor Jorj Tarbeya– Lecturer and researcher

·        Dr. Ali Sughli Hussaini– Director of Sharia School at Sedy Muhammad Ebin Abdullah University, Faz, Morocco

·        Dr. Ali Lahjzabuyi– Lecturer and Researcher, Ex-mayor Faz, Morocco

·        Dr. Lewiza Bulbres– Lecturer and Researcher at Faz University, Morocco


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