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Martyrdom Anniversary of Hadrat Fatima al-Zahra (A)

Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) the Leader of the Women of the Worlds, the only Daughter of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and the Mother of the Leaders of Youth of Paradise: Imam Hasan (A.S.) and Imam Husain (A.S.). Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) was martyred at the age of 18 years on 13th Jamadi al-Awwal or 3rd Jamadi al-Thani in the 11th year of Hijrah only 75 or 95 days after the heavenly departure of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). On this deeply grieved and sorrowful mourning occasion, we extend our heartfel
Martyrdom Anniversary of Hadrat Fatima al-Zahra (A)

Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) the Leader of the Women of the Worlds, the only Daughter of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and the Mother of the Leaders of Youth of Paradise: Imam Hasan (A.S.) and Imam Husain (A.S.). Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) was martyred at the age of 18 years on 13th Jamadi al-Awwal or 3rd Jamadi al-Thani in the 11th year of Hijrah only 75 or 95 days after the heavenly departure of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). On this deeply grieved and sorrowful mourning occasion, we extend our heartfelt deepest grief and condolences to all the followers and lovers of the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) in the world.

Hazrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.)

Leader of the Women of Paradise The Only Daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.) The Mother of the Leaders of Youth of Paradise:(ImamHasan(A.S.) and Imam Husain(A.S.) Name : Fatima Title : Az-Zahra Kunyat : Umm-ul-Aimma Born : Friday 20th of Jamadi-ul-Akhar in Mecca Father's Name : Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn-e-Abdulla (S.A.W.) Mother's Name : Khadija bint-e-Khuwailid Martyred : 13th Jamadi-ul-Awwal or 3rd Jamadi-ul-Akhir 11Hijrah at Medina at the age of18 years (due to injury inflicted upon her through force of a falling door by a hypocrite). Buried :The cemetery of Jannatul Baqi or in the Masjid-un-Nabi at Medina

The Birthday of Hadrat Fatima Zahra(A.S.) Hadrat Khadija's(S.A.) excellent and noble characteristics are fantastic example for mankind to follow. She is the lady who gave birth to Fatima Zahra(S.A.) and brought her up with talents and virtues. Fatima Zahra(S.A.) was a descendant of two great people. Furthermore, there are undisputed facts that have been declared by the Sacred Messenger and Ahlul-Bayt (A.S.) that neither science nor contemporary discoveries have been able to conquer the deep meanings of, despite what science has achieved in these fields. Because these facts are beyond the reach of machines and telescopes, photographer's advanced lenses can not capture their rays, nor can natural or logical senses realize them. Actually, the truth goes beyond material and logical realization, for the five senses are unable to define it. We move on to elaborate on the subject by verifying it through a selection of narration's mentioned in Volume 6 of Bihar Al-Anwar. Gabriel descended to the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) and told him: O Muhammad! The Most Exalted sends His peace upon you and commands you to refrain from (coming close to) Khadija for forty days. It was difficult for the Prophet, who loved and adored Khadija to do so; nevertheless (in obedience to Allah's command) he spent forty days fasting and praying nights. When it was close to the end of the forty days, he (S.A.W.) summoned Ammar Ibn Yasser and asked him to go to Khadija and tell her: "O Khadija! do not assume that my separation from you means abandoning or forsaking you, rather my Lord commanded me to do so, so expect nothing save benevolence, for surely Allah (exalted is His Name) praises you to His most honorable angels several times a day. Therefore, with nightfall, close the door and lay dawn to sleep; for I will be staying at Fatima Bint Assad's house." This brought sad tidings to Khadija who missed having the Prophet by her side. At the end of the forty days, Gabriel once again descended to Allah's Messenger and said: "O Muhammad! The Most Exalted sends His peace upon you and commands you to be prepared for His salutation and gift." The Prophet said: "Gabriel! What is the Lord of the world's gift and what is His salutation?" Gabriel said: "I have no knowledge of it" At that moment, Michael descended with a plate covered with a kerchief made of brocade or sarcenet and presented it to the Prophet! Gabriel said to him (S.A.W.): "O Muhammad, your Lord commands you to break your fasting with this food tonight." Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (A.S.) said in this regard: "The Prophet (S.A.W.) used to order me to open the door to whoever wanted to join him when he came to break his fast, bus that night he ordered me to guard the door of the house and said to me: 'O son of Abu Talib! This food is forbidden to everyone save me." Then he (A.S.) said: "I sat at the door, and the Prophet (S.A.W.) uncovered the plate, in privacy, to find a cluster of dates and a bunch of grapes; he ate until satisfied and drank his need of water. He then extended his hands to be washed, so Gabriel poured the water, Michael washed his hands, and Israfil dried them. Thereafter, the remaining food with the plate ascended to heaven. Then he (S.A.W.) started to prepare himself for prayers when Gabriel said to him: "Prayer is forbidden to you until you go to Khadija's house and perform coition with her; for Allah (Glory be to Him) ordained upon Himself to create noble progeny from you tonight.' So he (S.A.W.) rushed to Khadija's house." It can be concluded from the above mentioned narration that: 1. Allah Almighty commanded His Messenger to abandon Khadija a period of time so that his longing and wanting her increased. 2. He (S.A.W.) performed more worship so as to achieve a higher level of spirituality and sacredness, as a result of being in constant contact with the heavenly world. 3. He (S.A.W.) broke his fast on the pure heavenly gift. This narration was mentioned by the following Sunni scholars with minor variations between some of their accounts of it: 1. Kharazmi in his book Maqtal Al-Hussain P. 63, 68. 2. Dhahabi in Al-Etedal V. 2, P. 26. 3. Talkhees Al-Mustadrak V. 3, P. 156. 4. Asqalani in Lisan Al-Mizan V. 4, P. 36. In addition, there are various traditions with minor verbal differences and the same fundamental meaning that Fatima Zahra (S.A.) was created in very sacred way. We mention herein some of these narrations and restrict ourselves to the part which are related to our subject in observance of briefness and omit the rest: Imam Reza (A.S.) said: "The Prophet said (S.A.W.): 'On the night of my ascension to Heaven, Gabriel took my hand and led me into Paradise, then he handed me dates from which l ate. When I descended to Earth, I came unto Khadija who became pregnant with Fatima; thus, Fatima is a human huri, whom whenever I long for Paradise I smell.' Imam Baqir (A.S.), on the account of Jabir Ibn Abdullah, said: "It was said to the Messenger of Allah: Surely you kiss, embrace and bring Fatima close to you... and treat her better than your other daughters!" He (S.A.W.) commented: "Indeed, for Gabriel brought me an apple from heaven, which I ate which later bore Fatima through Khadija.Hence, I smell paradise's fragrance in her." Ibn Abbas said: "Aisha entered the house while the Messenger of Allah was kissing Fatima, so she said: 'Do you love her, O Messenger of Allah?' He replied: 'Indeed, by Allah if you knew the extent of my love for her, your love would increase for her. When I was in the forth heaven... (until he said) that I found these dates softer than butter, more pleasant than musk and sweeter than honey. So when I descended to earth, I came unto Khadija and she bore Fatima. Thus, Fatima is a human huri, whenever I long for paradise I smell her.' This last narration was also mentioned with variations by: 1. Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi in his history book V. 5, P. 87. 2. Kharazmi in Maqtal Al-Hussain P. 63. 3. Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Demashqiin Mizan Al-Etedal V. 1, P. 38. 4. Az Zarandi in Nazm Durar As Simtain. 5. Asqalani in Lisan Al-Mizan V. 5, P. 160. 6. Qanduzi in Yanabi' Al-Mawaddah. 7. Muhib-Ad-Din At-Tabari in Dhakhaer Al-Uqbi P. 48 These narrations are mentioned on the accounts of Aisha, Ibn Abbas, Saed Ibn Malik, and Umar lbn Al-Khattab. 8. Sheik Shua'b Al-Misri in Ar-Rawd Al-Faeq P. 214, Writes: "Some noble narrators mentioned that one day Lady Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her)asked the Master of creatures (the Prophet (S.A.W.)) to show her a fruit from the Dwell of Peace (Paradise). Thus, Gabriel brought him who was chosen above all (S.A.W.) two apples from Paradise and said: 'O Muhammad, He who appointed a due proportion for all things says to you: "Eat one apple and give the other to Lady Khadija, then come unto her; for I will create from you (both) Fatima Zahra."' The Chosen One (S.A.W.) did what The Guardian (Gabriel) told him to do, and.... (until he said). Thus, whenever the Chosen One (S.A.W.) longed for Paradise and its greatness, he would kiss Fatima and smell her beautiful fragrance and say: 'Fatima is a human huri.' There are successive narrations in this regard, but we satisfy ourselves with what has been mentioned. There remains a point here on which elaboration is rather important; it is noticeable that the narrations clearly state that Khadija bore Fatima immediately after the Prophet's Ascension to heaven, which took place in the second or third year after revelation. Nevertheless, there is a collection of narrations from the Holy Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (A.S.), which state that Fatima was born five years after the first revelation to the Prophet (S.A.W.). This indicates that she stayed in her mother's womb for more than two years, which is definitely incorrect. How can the contradictions between the narrations be explained?! There are several probabilities, which can be given as answers to this question; they are: 1. The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) ascended to heaven more than once, as was stated in the Book of Kafi. This, in my opinion, is the most accurate account of this affair. 2. Taking into account some narrations which state that Fatima (S.A.) was born in the second or third year after the first revelation (as will be mentioned together with the historians' opinions who claim that Ascension took place in the third year of revelation); this contradiction can be explained especially in light of the various sayings regarding the month during which Ascension occurred. Among the unique merits of Fatima Zabra was that she spoke to her mother while she was still in her mother's womb. Shiite scholars are not alone in reporting this merit of Fatima; several Sunni scholars and narrators also support this fact. For instance, Abdurrahman Shafe'i narrated in his book Nuzhat Al-Majalis V. 2, P. 227, that Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her) said: "When I was pregnant with Fatima, which was an easy pregnancy, she would speak to me from inside my womb." Also, Dahlawi in Tajhiz Al-Jaish quoted the author of Madh Al-Khulafa Ar-Rashidin as saying: "When Khadija was pregnant with Fatima, she (Fatima) used to speak to her from her womb, but Khadija kept this from the Prophet. One day, the Prophet entered the house and found Khadija speaking to someone while no one was in the room with her He (S.A.W.) inquired as to whom she was speaking; she replied: 'That which in my womb, surely it speaks to me.' Then the Prophet said: 'Rejoice Khadija, for this is the girl whom Allah has made to be the mother of eleven of my successors who will come after me and after their father.' Shuab Ibn Saad AI-Misri mentioned the following in Ar Rawd Al-Faeq P. 214: "At the time when Khadija's pregnancy had become apparent, the infidels asked the Prophet (S.A.W.) to show them the splitting of the moon; upon hearing this Khadija declared: "O what a disappointment it would be! Had Muhammad lied while he is the best Messenger of my Lord?" It was then that Fatima called Khadija from her womb and said: "O Mother, do not be grieved nor sorrowful, for surely Allah is with my father." When Fatima was born, the skies became illuminated from the brightness of her face.
Fatima Zahra's Birth The clear disagreement on Fatima's birth date is surprising. Some scholars state that she was born five years after revelation; while others say that she was born two or three years before that; and still others claim that she was born five years before revelation. It should be noted that the first statement was narrated from the Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (A.S.); a group of Sunni scholars also favor the same viewpoint. On the other hand, Sunni scholars and narrators alone speak of the second date. The following are narrations which have been cited concerning the date of Fatima Zahra's birth: 1. Kafi (Kulayni): "She was born five years after (the beginning of) Prophethood, and three years after Ascension to heaven. When the Prophet died, Fatima was eighteen years old... ." 2. Al-Manaqib (Ibn Shahr Ashub): "Fatima was born five years after (the beginning of) Prophethood and three years after Ascension, namely on the 20th of Jamadi Al-Thani. She lived eight years in Mecca with her father, then she immigrated... ." 3. Al-Bihar: Imam Baqir (A.S.) said: "Fatima Bint Muhammad was born five years after the (first) revelation to Allah's Messenger. She died when she was eighteen years and seventy-five days old." 4. Rawdhat Al-Waedhin: "Fatima was born five years after the (first) revelation to the Prophet.. ." 5. Iqbal Al-Aamal: Sheik Mufeed in his book Hadaiq Ar-Ryadh, said: "The 20th of Jamadi Al-Thani was the birthday of Fatima Zahra during the second year after (the first) revelation." 6. Misbab Al-Kaf'ami: "Although it has been said that she was born five years after (the first) revelation, (Fatima) was born on Friday the 20th af Jamadi Al-Thani, two years after revelation." 7. Misbahain: "Friday the 20th of Jamadi Al-Thani, two years after revelation, was the birthday of Fatima (S.A.), as was cited by some narrations. It has been mentioned in a narration that she was born five years after revelation. The Sunnis narrate that she was born five years before revelation." 8. Dala'el Al-Imamah, on the authority of Imam Sadiq (A.S.): "Fatima was born on the 20th of Jamadi Al-Thani, forty five years after the Prophet was born... ." The above mentioned statements are a selection of narrations from the Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (A.S.) and the old Shiite scholars (may Allah bless their souls) declaring that Fatima Zahra's birth took place after revelation. Contrary to this, the Sunni scholars have stated: 1. Ma'refat As-Sahabah by Abu Nu'eym: "Fatima was the youngest of Allah's Messenger's daughters. She was born while Quraish was building Kaaba." 2. Maqatil At-Talibin by Abu Al-Faraj Al-Isfahani: "Fatima's birth took place before revelation, during the time that Quraish was building Kaaba." 3. lbn Al-Athir in Al-Muhktar Fi Manaqib Al-Akhiar. 4. Tabari in Dhakhaer Al-Uqbi. 5. Sayuti in Ath-Thughour Al-Basimah. Perhaps more research would reveal that the Sunnis adopted this viewpoint in most of their books. After briefly examining the above mentioned narrations and in view of the fact that neither Ascension nor Revelation took place before the beginning of Prophethood, it becomes clear that Lady Fatima Zahra's birth was after revelation. Therefore, the falsity of the traditions, which claim that she was born five years prior to the first revelation, becomes obvious. There are two motives, which can be cited for those who made such false claims: The first is to refute the prophetic traditions which reveal the story of heavenly food that bore Fatima. The second is to prove that Fatima Zahra was unattractive to the point that she became eighteen years old before anyone asked to marry her. Nevertheless, Tabari in Dhakhaer Al-Uqbi, Asfuri Shafe'i in Nuzhat Al-Majalis and Qanduzi in Yanabea Al-Mawaddah narrated that Khadija (S.A.) said: "...Then, when (Fatima's) delivery came near, I sent for the Quraishan midwives who refused to help me because of Muhammad (S.A.W.). During childbirth, four ladies whose beauty and brilliance were indescribable entered the house. One of them said: 'I am your Mother Eve.' The second said: 'I am Um Kulthum, Musa's sister. ' The third said: 'I am Mariam, and we have come to help you.'" Here is the same narration but in a different manner: "When Khadija was about to deliver, she sent for the Quraishan women to help her give birth to her child. They refused and said: 'We will not help you; for you became Muhammad's wife.' In the meantime, four women entered the house; their beauty and brilliance can not be described. One of them said: 'I am your Mother Eve.' The second said: 'I am Asyia Bint Muzahim.' The third said: 'I am Kulthum, Musa's sister.' The fourth said: 'I am Mariam Bint Imran, (Isa's mother). We have come to deliver your child.'" Fatima was then born. When Fatima fell on the ground, she was in a prostrating position, raising her finger. Furthermore, the detailed narration was mentioned by Al-Mufaddal Ibn Amr on the authority of Imam Sadiq (A.S.) in V.1 of Al-Bihar by Al-Majlisi.

Fatima(A.S.) The Radiant Imam Hasan Askari(A.S.) reported that his father quoted Jabir Ibn Abdullah as saying : ' The Messenger of Allah, Peace be Upon him and his cleansed progeny, said : ' When Allah created Adam and Eve, they strutted through paradise and said : ' Who are better than we ? ' At that moment they noticed an image of a girl like they had never seen before; from this girl came an illuminating light so bright that it almost blinded the eyes. They said : ' O Lord, what is this ? ' He answered : ' This is the Image of Fatima (A.S.), the mistress of your women descendants. ' Lisan Al Mizan Volume 3 page 346 Ibn Abbas said : ' Aisha entered the house while the Messenegr of Allah was kissing Fatima ( A.S. ), so she said : ' Do you love her, O Messenger of Allah ? ' He replied : ' Indeed, by Allah if you knew the extent of my love for her, your love would increase for her. When I was in the forth heaven ... that I found these dates softer than butter, more pleasent than musk and sweeter than honey. So when I descended to earth, I came unto Khadija and she bore Fatima. Thus Fatima is a human huri, whenever I long for paradise I smell her.

Hadrat Fatima Zahra's(A.S.) other name: Az-Zahra: She was named by Allah, as Az-Zahra because her Holy Light used to shine among those brighter in all The Heavens. Batool: Because of her absolute Purity attained from Paradise from The Heavens. And also because, The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra, not like all the other women in the world, she had been blessed of not having the monthly menstrual period. This purity of hers was created by Allah The Almighty with the Purity of the Heavenly food and water her Holy Father had received, when he was alone on the mountain top indulging himself in prayer in the worship of God, for forty days and nights. Siddiqah The Honest, The Righteous Al-Mubarakah The Blessed One Al-Tahirah The Virtuous, The Pure Al-Zakiyah The Chaste, The Unblemished Al-Radhiatul Mardhiah She who is gratified and who shall be satisfied Al-Muhaddathah A person other than a Prophet, that the angel's speak too Al-Zahirah The Luminous

Hazrat Fatima (A.S.) in the Holy Quran Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth; a likeness of His light is as a niche in which is a lamp, the lamp is in a glass .... [ 25 : 35 ] Ibn al Maghazli al Shafi'i has related that the niche means Hazrat Fatima ( A.S. ), the lamp means Hasan ( A.S.) and Husain ( A.S.) ..... Give the kinsman his due .... [ 17 : 26 ] Commentators have written that when this verse was revealed the Holy Prophet ( S.A.W. ) asked the Angel Gibrael : Who are the kinsmen and what is their due ? The Angel replied : Give Fidak to Fatima for it is her due, and whatever is due to Allah and the Prophet out of Fadak, that also belongs to her, so entrust it to her also. Thereupon the Holy Prophet called Fatima ( A.S.) and wrote the deed of gift, giving Fadak to her. Tafseer Durre Mansoor ( Volume 4 page 177 ) It is Allah's wish to keep away all blemish from you, O Ahl al Bayt, and purify you with a perfect purification. [ 33 : 33 ] Al Tirmizi, Ibn Manthoor, Al Hakim, Ibn Mardawaih and Al Bayhaqi in his Sunan, all recorded the report of Umme Salemah, wife of the Prophet ( S.A.W.) in which she said : Im my own house the Quranic verse : Certainly God wants to keep away all abominitions from you .... Ali Fatima, Al Hassan and Al Hussein were at my house. The messenger of God covered them with a garment and then said : These are the members of my House. God keep away abomination from them and make them pure and spotless. Sahih al Tirmizi, Volume 5 page 328 Hadith no. 3875 And whoever disputes with thee concerning him after the inspired knowledge which has been given untoo thee, tell him : ' Come, let us call our sons and your sons; our women and your women; and ourselves and yourselves; then let us pray and invoke Allah's curse upon those who lie. [ 3 : 61 ] When the above verse came down ( at the time of debate between the Messenger and the Christians from Najran ), the Messenger of God called upon Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussein and said : God, these are the members of my family. Sahih Muslim Volume 15 page 176

The Marriage One day when the Prophet ( S.A.W. ) came out and joined his companions his face was beaming with joy. Abd al Rahman ibn Awf inquired as to the cause of his joy and the Prophet ( S.A.W ) said : I have received good tidings from my Lord about my brother and the son of my uncle, that Allah has given my daughter Fatima, Peace be Upon Her and her progeny, in marriage to Ali. Sawaiq Al Muhriqah page 103 The Prophet ( saw ) said : O Fatima ! Are you not pleased with this, that Allah, the Mighty and Glorious, cast a glance on the dwellers of the earth and selected from them two men, one of them your father and the other your husband ? Mustadrak Al Hakim Volume 3 page 129 ( admits it to be genuine ) Kanz al Ummal Volume 6 page 153 Musnad of Imam Ahmed Volume 5 page 39 Sharh al Nahj al Balagah Volume 2 page 451 Ibn Abu Hatam has recorded a report from Anas, who says that Umar and Abu Bakr came to the Prophet (S.A.W. ) and each of them requested to give him the hand of Fatima (A.S.). But the Prophet (S.A.W.) kept silent and gave no answer. Then both of them went to Ali (A.S.) and told him that they had asked for the hand of Fatima (A.S. ), but the Prophet (S.A.W.) gave no answer. They requested Ali (A.S.) to ask for the hand of Fatima ( A.S.). Many eminent traditionists have copied this report from Ibn Hatam. Ibn Hajar Asqalani ( Hadith Scientist ) has recorded in the opening part of Chapter 11 of Sawaiq al Muhriqah. Kanz al Ummal Volume 6 page 153 Musnad of Imam Ahmed Volume 5 page 31 The Prophet (S.A.W.) gave Abu Bakr some money and asked him to accompany Salman and Bilal to buy some house hold necessities for Fatimas house. The Prophet said to Abu Bakr : Buy some appropriate household necessities for my daughter with this money. Abu Bakr said : He ( saw ) gave me sixty three ( 63 ) dirhams, so we went to the market and bought the following a leather mat a Khaibairion cloak jugs and jars for water a thin curtain made of wool a veil costing 4 ( foour ) dirhams a bed embellished with ribbon a mat from Hajar a special copper container used for dye stuff a water skin
The Leader of all Women in Paradise Like her Holy Infallible Father(S.A.W.), she possessed all the intellectual abilities and achievements. Many verses of The Holy Koran were revealed in her praise and about her spiritual credits. The Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.) had given her several honorable titles among which one is: The Holy Prophet her Father(S.A.W.) loved her very much Whenever she would go to the house of her father The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) would stand up out of respect to her. Whenever he greeted her, and he would honour her by giving her a special place to seat herself in his house. Very often Her Father(S.A.W.) would softly kiss her hands and say, "Allah, The Most High; is pleased when Fatimah(A.S.) is pleased. He is angered; whenever Fatimah is angered!"

The Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) Pleads Her Case After all else failing, the holy Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.), in her desperation and frustration, causes a great controversy among all the Muslims. By personally going to her Father's Mosque of Al-Madinah, after prayers had ended, to publicly expose and demand the immeadiate return of her rightful inheritance from Abu Bakr and his supporters, who had ordered it confiscated. The Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) had now exhaused all possible avenues in her pursuit to reclaim her rightful inheritance to the Fadak, given to her by her Father The Holy Prophet Mohammad Al-Mustafa(S.A.W.). But sadly her pleas fell on deaf ears. For this reason, and on the grounds of proving that she has been oppressed by those who professed righteousness under false pretences of faith and piety. At a very last resort the holy Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.), daringly went to her Father's Mosque, to face her adversaries and delivered to them the most eloquent of words in her defense, which left the assembly speechless. She chose to proceed to the Mosque at a time when it was crammed with people, in order that her words reached the ears of all the people, who were somewhat accessories after the fact due to their silent approval of the events that occurred after the Holy Prophet's demise. She addressed the assembly in a speech that was both harmonious and systematic. It was an impeccable speech in that it contained no minced words, and was free of equivocation, distortion and slander. Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) used the occasion to firstly acquaint the people with Allah, The Most Exalted, and to disclose the merits of the Islamic religion and to clarify the cause and effect of the Islamic Laws. With this introduction she succeeded in securing the full attention of the assembly and created an appropriate atmosphere in which she could deliver her final statement which contained the underlying intentions and reasons that forced her to leave her house and proceed to the Mosque. And the reasons which warranted her leaving her house were, of course, the misappropriation by the so-called then self appointed caliph Abu Bakr of: The Fadak which was legally hers.

Hadrat Fatima's Protest Against Abu Bakr's Actions Hadrat Fatima (A.S.) felt grieved by Abu Bakr's actions, and was so displeased with him that when she knew of his attempt to seize Fadak, she accompanied a group of women to the Masjid-un-Nabi in the holy city of Madina. There she sat down and delivered the following speech: Hadrat Fatima's Historical Speech Praise be to Allah for that which He bestowed (upon us); And thanks be to Him for all that which He inspired; and commended in His Name for that which He Provided: Form prevalent favors which He created, And abundant benefactions which He offered and perfect grants which He presented; (such benefactions) that their number is much too plentiful to compute; Bounties too vast to measure; Their limit was too distant to realize; He recommended to them (His creatures) to gain more (of His benefaction) by being grateful for their continuity; He ordained Himself praiseworthy by giving generously to His creatures; I bear witness that there is no God but Allah Who is One without partner, a statement which sincere devotion is made to be its interpretation; hearts guarantee its continuation, and illuminated in the minds is its sensibility. He Who can not be perceived with vision; neither be described with tongues; nor can imagination surround His state. He originated things but not from anything that existed before them, and created them without examples to follow. Rather, He created them with His might and dispersed them according to His will; not for a need did He create them; nor for a benefit (for Him) did He shape them, But to establish His wisdom, Bring attention to His obedience, manifest His might, lead His creatures to humbly venerate Him, and to exalt His decrees. He then made the reward for His obedience, And punishment for his disobedience, so as to protect His creatures from His Wrath and amass them into His Paradise. I too bear witness that my Father, Muhammad(S.A.W.), is His Slave and Messenger, Whom He chose prior to sending him, named him before sending him; when creatures were still concealed in that which was transcendental, guarded from that which was appalling and associated with the termination and nonexistence. For Allah the Exalted knew that which was to follow, comprehended that which will come to pass, And realized the place of every event. Allah has sent him (Muhammad) (S.A.W.) as perfection for His commands, a resolution to accomplish His rule, and an implementation of the decrees of His Mercy. So he found the nations to vary in their faiths; Obsessed by their fires, Worshipping their idols, And denying Allah despite their knowledge of Him. Therefore, Allah illuminated their darkness with my Father, Muhammad, (S.A.W.) uncovered obscurity from their hearts, and cleared the clouds from their insights. He revealed guidance among the people; So he delivered them from being led astray, led them away from misguidance, guided them to the proper religion, and called them to the straight path. Allah then chose to recall him back in mercy, love and preference. So, Muhammad (S.A.W.) is in comfort from the burden of this world, he is surrounded with devoted angels, the satisfaction of the Merciful Lord, and the nearness of the powerful King. So may the praise of Allah be upon my Father, His Prophet, Trusted one, the chosen one from among His creatures, and His sincere friend, and may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Hadrat Fatima(A.S.) then turned to the crowd and said: Surely you are Allah's slaves at His command Prohibition; You are the bearers of His religion and revelation; You are Allah's trusted ones with yourselves; and His messengers to the nations. Amongst you does He have righteous authority; A covenant He brought unto you, and an heir He left to guard you; That is The eloquent book of Allah; The truthful Quran; The brilliant light; The shining beam; Its insights are indisputable; Its secrets are revealed; Its indications are manifest; and its followers are blessed by it. (The Quran) leads its adherents to goodwill; and Hearing it leads to salvation; with it are the bright divine authorities achieved, His manifest determination acquired, His prohibited decrees avoided; His manifest evidence recognized, His satisfying proofs made apparent, His permissions granted, and His laws written. So Allah made belief to be purification for you from polytheism. He made: Prayer - An exaltation for you from conceit. Alms - A purification for the soul and a (cause of) growth in subsistence. Fasting - An implantation of devotion. Pilgrimage - A construction of religion. Justice - A harmony of the hearts; Obeying us (Ahlul-Bayt) Management of the nation. Our leadership (Ahlul-Bayt). Safeguard from disunity. Jihad (struggle) - A strengthening of Islam. Patience - A helping course for deserving (divine) reward. Ordering goodness (Amr Bi Maruf) Public welfare. Kindness to the parents - A safeguard from wrath. Maintaining close relations with one's kin-A cause for a longer life and multiplying the number of descendants. Retaliation (Qesas) -For sparing blood (souls). Fulfillment of vows - subjecting oneself to mercy. Completion of weights and measures - A cause for preventing the neglect of others' rights. Forbiddance of drinking wine - An exaltation from atrocity. Avoiding slander - A veil from curse. Abandoning theft-a reason for deserveing chastity. Allah has also prohibited polytheism so that one can devote himself to His Lordship. Therefore; Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam; Obey Allah in that which He has commanded you to do and that which He has forbidden, for surely those truly fear among His servants, who have knowledge. Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) then added: 0 People! Be informed that I am Fatima(A.S.), and my father is Muhammad (S.A.W.) I say that repeatedly and initiate it continually; I say not what I say mistakenly, nor do I do what I do aimlessly. Now hath come unto you an Apostle from amongst yourselves; It grieves him that you should perish; Ardently anxious is he over you; To the believers he is most kind and merciful. Thus, if you identify and recognize him, you shall realize that he is my father and not the father of any of your women; the brother of my cousin (Ali) (A.S.) rather than any of your men. What an excellent identity he was, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his descendants. Thus, he propagated the Message, by coming out openly with the warning and while inclined away from the path of the polytheists, (whom he) struck their strength and seized their throats, while he invited (all) to the way of his Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; He destroyed idols, and defeated heroes, until their group fled and turned their backs. So night revealed its dawn; righteousness uncovered its genuineness; the voice of the religious authority spoke out loud; the evil discords were silenced; The crown of hypocrisy was diminished; the tightening of infidelity and desertion were untied, So you spoke the statement of devotion amongst a band of starved ones; and you were on the edge of a hole of fire; (you were) the drink of the thirsty one; the opportunity of the desiring one; the fire brand of him who passes in haste; the step for feet; you used to drink from the water gathered on roads; eat jerked meat. (Lady Fatima (S.A.) was stating their lowly situation before Islam) You were despised outcasts always in fear of abduction from those around you. Yet, Allah rescued you through my father, Muhammad (S.A.W.) after much ado, and after he was confronted by mighty men, the Arab beasts, and the demons of the people of the Book Who, whenever they ignited the fire of war, Allah extinguished it; and whenever the thorn of the devil appeared, or a mouth of the polytheists opened wide in defiance, he (S.A.W.) would strike its discords with his brother (Ali) (A.S.), who comes not back until he treads its wing with the sole of his feet, and extinguishes its flames with his sword. Ali(A.S.) is diligent in Allah's affair, near to the Messenger of Allah, A master among Allah's worshippers, setting to work briskly, sincere in his advice, earnest and exerting himself (in service to Islam); While you were calm, gay, and feeling safe in your comfortable lives, waiting for us to meet disasters, awaiting the spread of news, you fell back during every battle, and took to your heels at times of fighting. Yet, When Allah chose His Prophet from the dwell of His prophets, and the abode of His sincere (servants); The thorns of hypocrisy appeared on you, the garment of faith became worn out, The misguided ignorants spoke out, the sluggish ignorant came to the front and brayed. The he camel of the vain wiggled his tail in your courtyards and the your courtyards and the Devil stuck his head from its place of hiding and called upon you, he found you responsive to his invitation, and observing his deceits. He then aroused you and found you quick (to answer him), and invited you to wrath, therefore; you branded other than your camels and proceeded to other than your drinking places. Then while the era of the Prophet was still near, the gash was still wide, the scar had not yet healed, and the Messenger was not yet buried. A (quick) undertaking as you claimed, aimed at preventing discord (trial), Surely, they have fallen into trial already! And indeed Hell surrounds the unbelievers. How preposterous! What an idea! What a falsehood! For Allah's Book is still amongst you, its affairs are apparent; its rules are manifest; its signs are dazzling; its restrictions are visible, and its commands are evident. Yet, indeed you have casted it behind your backs! What! Do you detest it? Or according to something else you wish to rule? Evil would be the exchange for the wrongdoers! And if anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), it never will it be accepted from him; And in the hereafter, he will be in the ranks of those who have lost. Surely you have not waited until its stampede seized, and it became obedient. You then started arousing its flames, instigating its coal, complying with the call of the misled devil, quenching the light of the manifest religion, and extinguished the light of the sincere Prophet. You concealed sips on froth and proceeded towards his (the Prophet) kin and children in swamps and forests (meaning you plot against them in deceitful ways), but we are patient with you as if we are being notched with knives and stung by spearheads in our abdomens, Yet-now you claim-that there is not inheritance for us! What! "Do they then seek after a judgment of (the Days of) ignorance? But How, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than Allah? Don't you know? Yes, indeed it is obvious to you that I am his daughter. O Muslims! Will my inheritance be usurped? O son of Abu Quhafa(Abu Bakr)! Where is it in the Book of Allah that you inherit your father and I do not inherit mine? Surely you have come up with an unprecedented thing. Do you intentionally abandon the Book of Allah and cast it behind your back? Do you not read where it says: 'And Sulaiman inherited Dawood'? And when it na,rates the story of Zakariya and says: 'So give me an heir as from thyself; (One that) will inherit me, and inherit the posterity of Yaqoob' And: 'But kindred by hood have prior rights against each other in the Book of Allah' And: 'Allah (thus) directs you as regards your children's (inheritance) to the male, a portion equal to that of two females' And: '...If he leaves any goods, that he make a bequest to parents and next of kin, according to reasonable usage; this is due from the pious ones. ' You claim that I have no share! And that I do not inherit my father! What! Did Allah reveal a (Quranic) verse regarding you, from which He excluded my father? Or do you say: 'These (Fatima and her father) are the people of two faiths, they do not inherit each other?' Are we not, me and my father, a people adhering to one faith? Or is it that you have more knowledge about the specifications and generalizations of the Quran than my father and my cousin (Imam Ali)? So, here you are! Take it! (Ready with) its nose rope and saddled! But if shall encounter you on the Day of Gathering; (thus) what a wonderful judge is Allah, a claimant is Muhammad(S.A.W.), and a day is the Day of Rising. At the time of the Hour shall the wrongdoers lose; and it shall not benefit you to regret (your actions) then! For every Message, there is a time limit and soon shall you know who will be inflicted with torture that will humiliate him, and who will be confronted by an everlasting punishment. Hadrat Fatima(A.S.) then turned towards the Ansars and said: O you people of intellect! The strong supporters of the nation! And those who embraced Islam; What is this short-coming in defending my right? And what is this slumber (while you see) injustice (being done toward me)? Did not the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) my father, used to say: 'A man is upheld (remembered) by his children'? O how quick have you violated (his orders)?! How soon have you plotted against us? But you still are capable (of helping me in) my attempt, and powerful (to help me) in that which I request and (in) my pursuit (of it). Or do you say: "Muhammad (S.A.W.) has perished;" Surely this is a great calamity; Its damage is excessive its injury is great, Its wound (is much too deep) to heal. The Earth became darkened with his departure; the stars eclipsed for his calamity; hopes were seized; mountains submitted; sanctity was violated, and holiness was encroached upon after his death. Therefore, this, by Allah, is the great affliction, and the grand calamity; there is not an affliction which is the like of it; nor will there be a sudden misfortune (as surprising as this). The Book of Allah-excellent in praising him-announced in the courtyards (of your houses) in the place where you spend your evenings and mornings; A call, A cry, A recitation, and (verses) in order: It had previously came upon His (Allah's) Prophets and Messengers; (for it is) A decree final, and a predestination fulfilled: "Muhammad(S.A.W.) is not but an Apostle: Many were the apostles that passed away before him. If he died or was slain, will ye then turn back on your heels? If any did turn back on his heel, not the least harm will he do to Allah, but Allah (on the other hand) will swiftly reward those who (serve Him) with gratitude." O you people of reflection; will I be usurped the inheritance of my father while you hear and see me?! (And while) You are sitting and gathered around me? You hear my call, and are included in the (news of the) affair? (But) You are numerous and well equipped! (You have) the means and the power, and the weapons and the shields. Yet, the call reaches you but you do not answer; the cry comes to you but you do not come to help? (This) While you are characterized by struggle, known for goodness and welfare, the selected group (which was chosen), and the best ones chosen by the Messenger (S.A.W.) for us, Ahlul-Bayt. You fought the Arabs, bore with pain and exhaustion, struggled against the nations, and resisted their heroes. We were still, so were you in ordering you, and you in obeying us. So that Islam became triumphant, the accomplishment of the days came near, the fort of polytheism was subjected, the outburst of fabrication subsided, the flames of infidelity calmed down, and the system of religion was well-ordered. Thus, (why have you) become confused after clearness? Conceal matters after announcing them? Turned on your heels after daring? Associated (others with Allah) after believing? Will you not fight people who violated their oaths? Plotted to expel the Apostle and became aggressive by being the first (to assault) you? Do ye fear them? Nay, it is Allah whom you should more justly fear, if you believe! Nevertheless, I see that you are inclined to easy living; dismissed he who is more worthy of guardianship (Ali) (A.S.); you secluded yourselves with meekness and dismissed that which you accepted. Yet, if you show ingratitude, you and all on earth together, yet, Allah free of all wants worthy of all praise. Surely I have said all that I have said with full knowledge that you intent to forsake me, and knowing the betrayal which your hearts sensed. But, it is the state of soul, the effusion of fury, the dissemination of (what is) the chest and the presentation of the proof Hence, Here it is! Bag it (leadership and) put it on the back of an ill she-camel, which has a thin hump, with everlasting grace, marked with the wrath of Allah, and the blame of ever (which leads to) the Fire of (the wrath of) Allah kindled (to a blaze), that which doth mount (right) to the hearts; For, Allah witnesses what you do, and soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!! And I am the daughter of a Warner (the Prophet) (S.A.W.) to you against a severe punishment. So, act and so will we, and wait, and we shall wait." (The end of Hadrat Fatima's speech.) It appears from recorded historical events, that Hadrat Fatima (A.S.) was successful at the beginning in persuading Abu Bakr to hand back Fadak to her; listen to part of a speech he (according to some historians) delivered after hearing Hadrat Fatima's speech Abu Bakr said: "O daughter of the Messenger of Allah... Surely the Prophet is your father, not anyone else's, the brother of your husband, not any other man 's; he surely preferred him over all his friends and (Ali) supported him in every important matter, no one loves you save the lucky and no one hates you save the wretched. You are the blessed progeny of Allah's Messenger, the chosen ones, our guides to goodness, our path to Paradise, and you-the best of women-and the daughter of the best of prophets, truthful is your sayings, excelling in reason. You shall not be driven back from your right...But I surely heard your father saying: 'We the group of prophets do not inherit, nor are we inherited. Yet, this is my situation and property, it is yours (if you wish); it shall not be concealed from you, nor will it be stored away from you. You are the Mistress of your father's nation, and the blessed tree of your descendants. Your property shall not be usurped against your will, nor can your name be defamed. Your judgment shall be executed in all that which I possess. This, do you think that I violate your father's (will) ?" Hadrat Fatima(A.S.) then refuted Abu Bakr's claim that the Prophet (S.A.W.) had stated that prophets couldn't be inherited, and said: "Glory be to Allah!! Surely Allah's Messenger (S.A.W.) did not abandon Allah's Book nor did he violate His commands. Rather, he followed its decrees and adhered to its chapters. So do you unite with treachery justifying your acts with fabrications? Indeed this-after his departure-is similar to the disasters which were plotted against him during his lifetime. But behold! This is Allah's Book, a just judge and a decisive speaker, saying: 'One that will (truly) inherit Me, and inherit the posterity of Yaqub,' and 'and Sulaiman inherited Dawood.' Thus, He (Glory be to Him) made clear that which He made share of all heirs, decreed from the amounts of inheritance, allowed for males and females, and eradicated all doubts and ambiguities (pertaining to this issue which existed with the) bygones. Nay! But your minds have made up a tale (that may pass) with you, but (for me) patience is most fitting against that which you assert; it is Allah (alone) whose help can be sought." It is apparent that Abu Bakr chanced the mode with which he addressed Hadrat Fatima (A.S.) after delivering her speech. Listen to his following speech; which is his reply to Hadrat Fatima's just reported speech. Abu Bakr said: "Surely Allah and His Apostle are truthful, and so has his (the Prophet's) daughter told the truth. Surely you are the source of wisdom, the element of faith, and the sole authority. May Allah not refute your righteous argument, nor invalidate your decisive speech. But these are the Muslims between us-who have entrusted me with leadership, and it was according to their satisfaction that I received what I have. I am not being arrogant, autocratic, or selfish, and they are my witnesses." Upon hearing Abu Bakr speak of the people's support for him, Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) turned towards them and said: "O people, Who rush towards uttering falsehood and are indifferent to disgraceful and losing actions! Do you not earnestly seek to reflect upon the Quran, or are your hearts isolated with locks? But on your hearts is the stain of the evil which you committed; it has seized your hearing and your sight, evil is that which you justified, cursed is that which you reckoned, and wicked is what you have taken for an exchange! You shall, by Allah, find bearing it (to be a great) burden, and its consequence disastrous. (That is) on the day when the cover is removed and appears to you what is behind it of wrath. When you will be confronted by Allah with that which you could never have expected, there will perish, there and then, those who stood on falsehoods." Although parts of Abu Bakr's speeches can not be verified with authentic evidence, and despite the fact that we have already mentioned part of the actual speech which Abu Bakr delivered after Hadrat Fatima's arguments, it appears certain that Abu Bakr was finally persuaded to submit Fadak to her. Nevertheless, when Hadrat Fatima(A.S.) was leaving Abu Bakr's house, Umar suddenly appeared and exclaimed: "What is it that you hold in your hand?" Abu Bakr replied: "A decree I have written for Fatima(A.S.) in which I assigned Fadak and her father's inheritance to her." Umar then said "With what will you spend on the Muslims if the Arabs decide to fight you?!" Umar then seized the decree and tore it up!.

Hadith-E-Kesa Hadrat Fatima Zahra(A.S.) said: One day, my dear Father, The Holy Prophet of Allah, came to my house and said to me "Peace be upon you, O Fatima," To which I replied: "And upon you be peace." He said "I feel some weakness in my body." I said "May Allah protect you from your weakness, O my Father." He said, " 0 Fatima, please bring me, the Vestment of Yemen and cover me with it." So, I brought my Father, the Vestment of Yemen and covered him with it. Then I looked at him and saw that his face was shining with the glow of a full white moon, and with the moon's full glory and splendour. After a while my son Hasan(A.S.) came in and said "Peace be upon you, my mother." I replied: "And upon you be peace, O, the light of my eyes and the happiness of my heart." He then said: "Mother! I smell a fragrance so sweet and pure, as that of my Grandfather, The Prophet of Allah." I replied: "Yes. Indeed your Grandfather is sitting underneath that Vestment." Hasan went near to the Vestment and said: "Peace be upon you my Grandfather, The Prophet of Allah. Will you permit me to enter the Vestment with you?." He replied: "And upon you be peace, my son and the master of my fountain, I grant you permission to enter under the Vestment with me." So Hasan entered and sat under the Vestment with my Father. After a while my son Husain(A.S.) came in and said "Peace be upon you, my mother." I replied: "And upon you be peace, O, the light of my eyes and happiness of my heart." He then said: "Mother I smell a fragrance so sweet and pure as that of my Grandfather, The Prophet of Allah." I replied, "Yes. Indeed your Grandfather and your brother are both sitting covered underneath that Vestment." Hussain approached the Vestment and said: "Peace be on you, O my Grandfather, The Chosen of Allah, do you allow me to enter the Vestment with both of you." He replied: "And upon you be peace, my son and intercessor of my followers, I so grant you permission." So Hussain entered and sat under the Vestment with them. After a while Abul Hasan(A.S.), came in and said "Peace be on you, O daughter of The Prophet of Allah." I replied: "And upon you be peace, O Abul Hasan, the Commander of the Faithfulls." He then said: "O Fatima I smell a sweet fragrance and so pure which is like of my Brother and my Cousin, The Holy Prophet of Allah." I replied: "Yes. He is sitting covered underneath that Vestment with both of your sons." Ali(A.S.) then went near to the Vestment and said: "Peace be upon you, O Prophet of Allah; May I enter the Vestment with You?" He replied: "And upon you be peace, my brother, my legatee, my successor and my standard bearer; I give you permission to enter." So Ali(A.S.) entered under the Vestment with them. Then I myself approached the group sitting underneath the Vestment and requested. "Peace be onto you, my Father, O Prophet of Allah; do you permit me also to enter." He replied: "And upon you be peace, my daughter, O part of myself, I give you permission to enter." So I myself entered and sat under the Vestment with them all. When all of us had gathered together covered over and sitting underneath the holy Vestment, my Father, took hold of the two ends of the Vestment and raised his right hand in Prayer towards The Heavens saying, "Allah, these are The People of my Ahlul-Bayt and very specially my Own and my Protectors. They are of my own flesh and of my own blood. Whoever gives them trouble, gives me trouble too; whoever makes them unhappy, makes me unhappy too, I am at war with those who are at war with them, I am at peace with those who are at peace with them. I am the enemy of those who are at enemy with them; I am the friend of those who befriend them. Indeed they are from me, and I am from them. Therefore, send Thy blessings, mercy, forgiveness, and pleasure upon me and upon them. Remove all blemish from them and keep away all kinds of impurity from them." Then Allah The Majestic and The Glorified, spoke to His Angels Then The Archangel Jibrael, the Trusted One, asked Allah. "O Lord, who are these sitting covered under the Vestment?" Allah, The Majestic, The Glorified, answered, The Archangel Jibrael then requested, "O Lord, may I go down, and be the Sixth of Them?" Allah replied The Archangel Jibrael Al-Ameen, decended down to the Earth and said, "Peace be upon you, O Prophet of Allah. The All Highest conveys His peace on you and His salutation, and He has sworn by His Honour and Glory that He has not created, but the erected Sky, the spread Earth, the illuminated Moon, the bright Sun, the rotating Universe, the flowing Seas, and the sailing Ships but for your sake and your love. God has given me permission to enter and sit with all of you underneath the Vestment.. Do you also grant me that permission, O Prophet of Allah?" The Prophet replied, "And upon you be peace, O thou who art the Trusted with The Revelations of Allah; yes I grant you permission to enter." So The Archangel Jibrael entered and sat beneath the Vestment with us all, and said to my Father that indeed Allah has sent this revelation to you; "Verily Allah desires to keep away all blemish from you, O Ahlul-Bayt, and to purify you with a perfect purification." Then Ali(A.S.) asked my father, "O Prophet of Allah what significance does Allah attach to this Event of our sitting gathered together underneath this Vestment?" The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) replied, "I swear by Him who appointed me a Prophet and chose me a confident Messenger, that no assembly, wherever this Event is narrated by our followers and devotees, shall remain without the Mercy of Allah decending on them, and encircling Angels as king Allah for the remission of their sins till the assembly has dispersed." Ali(A.S.) then exclaimed, "I swear by Allah the Lord of The Kaba, that we have all succeeded and our all followers have succeded too." Again The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) said, "I swear by Him who appointed me a Prophet and chose me a confident Messenger that in any of the assemblies on the Earth, in which our followers and friends have gathered, wherever this Event is narrated there shall remain none grieved, but Allah will remove his grief ; there shall be none distressed, but Allah will dispell his distress, and there shall be none who seeks a wish, but Allah will grant his wish." Ali(A.S.) then said, "Verily, by Allah, We have succeeded and become happy so also all our followers have succeeded and become happy in this world as well as in the next world by the Lord of The Kaba. O Allah, send Thy Blessings on to Muhammad(S.A.W.) and The Descendents of Muhammad(S.A.W.)." Foot Note Below are the wives of The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.), who have also recalled this Sacred and very special Event. · Umm Salamah · Ayesha

'Her Prayer' One day the Holy Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) was shown by her Father The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) a very special kind of Prayer. That he himself was shown earlier by The Trusted Archangel Jibrael(A.S.). This special After-Prayer is to be said after each time, any Prayer of Worship is concluded. The Holy Lady(A.S) in turn began to teach the short Prayer to so many others. That in the very short time, it became to be known as the 'Prayer of Fatimah Al-Zahra(as)'. The Prayer Take any kind of Prayer Bead string, such as shown on the image below. The Prayer String should have a total of 99 beads, with two dividers and ahead called the Sheikh. The Prayer Bead is taken by the left hand and with the index finger and tumb of the right hand draws each bead seperately one by one and saying the words as described below. For first set of 33 beads plus counting the first divider. Hence totalling in all 34 beads. For each bead passed say the clearly the words to yourself: ALLAHO AKBAR For each of the 34 beads seperately. For the next second set of 33 beads. For each bead passed say the clearly the words to yourself: AL-HAMDU LE ALLAH For each of the 33 beads seperately. For the third set of 33 beads For each bead passed say the clearly the words to yourself: SUBHANA LE ALLAH For each of the 33 beads seperately. Totally 100 beads That concludes the Prayer of the Holy Infallible Lady of all women, in all of the worlds and in all of the Seven Heavens, The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) Most or if not all of the Mujtahideen express a great Mustahab (preferable) as near to as Wajib (compulsory) to say this Prayer after any Prayer of Worship is concluded. Many Muslims carry with them at all times the Prayer Bead String so that they can recite this prayer numerously at any time of the day and night. Especially at times when one has nothing to do such as waiting or sitting around lazily. So think about it! What better way of filling your spare and idle time than to quietly recite this small Prayer to yourself in the rememberance and in thankfulness of Allah your Creator and Master. And in return Allah will reward His untold Thawaab and A'jar(reward)! Thus it is good to always recite, in One's idle times. For it keeps the mind away from straying into troubled terrain. But to keep it travelling on the true and right track of good and steer away from evil with its untold mischievoius wicked thoughts and ideas etc.

Her Sacred Life The most predominant view in the traditions transmitted by our traditionists is that Fatimah az-Zahra(A.S.) was born in Mecca, on the twentieth of Jumada 'l-Akhir, in the fifth year of the Prophet's apostolic career. It is also asserted that when the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) died, Fatimah(A.S.) was eighteen years and seven months old. The scholar Abu Said al-Hafiz relates in his book Sharafu'n-Nabiyy that all the children of the Messenger of Allah were born before Islam except Fatimah and Ibrahim, who were born in Islam. It is reported that the sixth Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq(A.S.) said: "Fatimah(A.S.) has nine names with Allah. They are: Fatimah, as-Siddiqah (the Righteous), al-Mubarakah (the Blessed), at-Tahirah (the Pure), az-Zakiyyah (the Unblemished), arRadiyah (the one content with Allah's pleasure), al-Mardiyyah (the one pleasing to Allah), al-Muhaddathah (the one spoken to by angels) and az-Zahirah (the Luminous). In the Musnad (collection of transmitted hadiths) of the eighth Imam Reza(A.S.), it is reported that the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) declared: "I named my daughter Fatimah because Allah weaned her. The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) also called her al-Batul (pure virgin), and said to `A'ishah: "O Humayra' (a redish white, a well-known epithet of `A'ishah), Fatimah is not like the women of human kind, nor does she suffer the illness you (women) suffer! " This is explained in another prophetic tradition which asserts that she never menstruated. It is likewise reported by Sunni traditionists on the authority of Anas ibn Malik, who heard Umm Salim, the wife of Abu Talhah al-Ansari, say: "Fatimah never experienced the blood of menstruation or parturition, for she was created from the waters of Paradise." This is because when the Messenger of Allah was transported to heaven, he entered Paradise, where he ate of its fruits and drank its water. Proofs Of Her `Ismah (Sinlessness), Some Of The Signs Proving Her Status With Allah, And Traditions Indicating Her Excellence And Exalted Status One of the most incontrovertible proofs of Fatimah's sinlessness is Allah's saying: Surely Allah wishes to keep away all abomination from you, O People of the House, and purify you with a great purification [our. 33 : 33 ] . The argument in favour of this, is that the Muslim community has unanimously agreed that the `People of the House' (i.e., Ahlu'l-Bayt), intended in this verse are the People of the Household of the Messenger of Allah. Traditions (ahadith) of both the Shi`i and Sunni communities have asserted that this verse particularly refers to 'Ali(A.S.), Fatimah(A.S.), Hasan(A.S.) and Husayn(A.S.) The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.), moreover, spread over them all one day a Khaybarite mantle and prayed: "O Allah, these are the People of my Household, keep away all abomination from them and purify them with a great purification!" Umm Salamah said: "I too, O Apostle of Allah, am of the People of your House!" He answered: "Your lot shall be good!" The Divine Will expressed in this verse must by necessity be either an abstract will not implemented by an action, or a will accompanied by an action. The first option is untenable because it implies no particular applicability to the People of the Prophet's House; such a will is shared by all obligated (mukallafin) human beings. Nor is abstract will by itself cause for praise. The entire community has concurred on the view that this verse proclaims the excellence of the People of the Prophet's House over all others, and that the verse refers to them alone. Thus the second option (that the Divine Will referred to in the verse is a will accompanied by action) is true, and in it is clear proof of the sinlessness of those who were intended in the verse. It implies further that it is impossible for them to commit any evil action. Moreover, any others whom we have not named here are no doubt not held by general consensus as possessing `ismah (protection from error). Thus since the verse necessarily implies sinlessness it must apply to them (the People of the Prophet's House), because it pertains to no other individuals. The Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.) said:"Fatimah(A.S.) is part of me" Another proof of Fatimah's sinlessness is the Holy Prophet's saying concerning her: "Fatimah(A.S.) is part of me. Whatever causes her hurt, hurts me." He also said: "Whoever hurts Fatimah(A.S.), hurts me, and whoever hurts me, hurts Allah, exalted be His Majesty! " The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) said further: "Allah becomes wrathful for Fatimah's anger, and is pleased at her pleasure.". Among the signs indicating Fatimah's exalted status with Allah is an incident related by both Shi'i and Sunni traditionists on the authority of Maymunah (the Holy Prophet's wife), who reported that Fatimah(A.S.) was found asleep one day, the handmill beside her turning of its own accord. She informed the Apostle of Allah of this, and he said: "Allah knew the weak condition of His handmaid; He thus inspired the handmill to turn by itself, and so it did." Among the reports asserting her excellence and high distinction over all other women is the tradition reported on the authority of `A'ishah who said: "I never saw a man more beloved of the Apostle of Allah than `Ali(A.S.), or a woman more dear to him than Fatimah(A.S.)." Sunni traditionists also reported on the authority of the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali(A.S.)who said: "I asked the Messenger of Allah, `Who is more beloved to you, Fatimah(A.S.) or I?' He answered, `Fatimah(A.S.) is more beloved to me, and you are dearer to me than she is.' " These traditionists also reported from Anas ibn Malik that: "Fatimah(A.S.) is the most excellent of all the women of the world." In another tradition it is reported that the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) said: "The most excellent among the women of the world are: Maryam daughter of `Imran (that is, the virgin Mary), Asiyah daughter of Muzahim (wife of Pharaoh), Khadijah daughter of Khuwaylid and Fatimah(A.S.) daughter of Muhammad(S.A.W.)" It is also related on the authority of Ibn `Abbas who said: "The most excellent of the women of Paradise are: Khadijah daughter of Khuwaylid, Fatimah(A.S.) daughter of Muhammad, Maryam daughter of `Imran and Asiyah daughter of Muzahim." Traditionists report that `Abdu 'r-Rahman ibn `Awf said: "I heard the Apostle of Allah say, `I am a tree, Fatimah(A.S.) is its trunk and 'Ali(A.S.) is its pollen. Hasan(A.S.) and Husayn(A.S.) are its fruits, and our followers (Shi'ah) are its leaves. The roots of the tree are in the Garden of Eden, and its trunk, fruits and leaves are in Paradise.' " Traditionists further report on the authority of `A'ishah that: "Whenever Fatimah(A.S.) came to the Messenger of Allah, he would rise from his seat, kiss her on the forehead, and make her sit with him." Traditionists have also reported on the authority of 'Ali ibn Ibrahim al-Qummi in his commentary of the Holy Qur'an, as related on the authority of the sixth Imam as-Sadiq, Ja'far ibn Muhammad(A.S.), who said: "We were told that our forefathers said that the Messenger of Allah often indulged in kissing the mouth of Fatimah(A.S.) the mistress of the women of the world, so that `A'ishah finally protested saying, `O Messenger of Allah, I see you indulge so often in kissing the mouth of Fatimah(A.S.) and placing your tongue in her mouth.' He answered, `Yes, O `A'ishah, when I was taken up to heaven, Gabriel took me into Paradise and brought me near the tree of Tuba (beatitude). He gave me an apple of its fruits which I ate. Thus when I returned to earth, Khadijah, conceived Fatimah(A.S.). Whenever, therefore, I yearn for Paradise, I kiss her and place my tongue in her mouth, for I find in her the fragrance of Paradise. I also sense in her the fragrance of the tree of Tuba. Fatimah(A.S.) is thus a celestial human being.' " The traditions which our Companions (that is, Shi'i hadith transmitters), may Allah be pleased with them, have reported in proof of Fatimah's special place - her honoured status and distinction over all the women of humankind - are beyond number. We shall, therefore, limit ourselves to the reports which we have already mentioned. Among the things which Allah completed the great honour of the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali(A.S.)in this world and the world to come was His special favour towards him in having him unite in marriage with the noble daughter of the Messenger of Allah, who was the most beloved of all creatures to him, the consolation of his eyes and leader of the women of the world. Among the many ahadith (traditions) concerning this event is the sound hadith reported on the authority of Anas ibn Malik, who said: "As the Apostle of Allah(S.A.W.) was sitting one day, 'Ali(A.S.) came to see him. He addressed him saying, `O 'Ali(A.S.), what brings you here?' `I came only to greet you with the salutation of peace', `Ali(A.S.) replied. The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) declared: `Here comes Gabriel to tell me that Allah has willed to unite you in marriage with Fatimah(A.S.). He has, moreover, called as witnesses to her marriage a thousand angels. Allah has revealed to the tree of Tuba, "Scatter your pearls and rubies! " Black-eyed houris rushed to pick the precious stones up, which they shall exchange as presents among them till the Day of Resurrection.' " It is related on the authority of Ibn `Abbas, who said: "On the night when Fatimah(A.S.) was married to 'Ali(A.S.), the Messenger of Allah(S.A.W.) stood before her. Gabriel stood at her right hand and Michael at her left. Seventy thousand angels stood behind her, praising and sanctifying Allah. The Commander of the Faithful prided himself on his marriage to her on numerous occasions." Abu Ishaq ath-Thaqafi reported on the authority of Hakim ibn Jubayr, who reported from al-Hajari who related from his uncle who said: "I heard `Ali(A.S.) say one day, `I shall utter words which no other man would utter but that he would be a liar. I am `Abdullah (Allah's servant), and the brother of the Apostle of Allah. I am the one whose guardian is the Prophet of mercy, for I have married the mistress of all the women of the community. I am the best of the vicegerents.' " Numerous reports expressing similar ideas have been transmitted. Ath -Thaqafi reported on the authority of Buraydah, who said: "On the nuptial night of `Ali(A.S.) and Fatimah(A.S.), the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) said to 'Ali(A.S.), `Do not do anything until you see me.' He then brought water - or the traditionist reported that he called for water - which he used to perform his ablutions for prayers, pouring the rest over 'Ali(A.S.). The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) then prayed, `O Allah, bless them! Shower your blessings over them, and bless for them their two young lions (that is, their two sons Hasan(A.S.) and Husayn(A.S.))."' ath-Thaqafi also related on the authority of Shurahil ibn Abi Sa'd, who said: "On the morning after Fatimah's wedding, the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) brought a skinful of milk, and said to Fatimah(A.S.), 'Drink! May your father be a ransom for you.' He likewise said to `Ali(A.S.), 'Drink! May your cousin be a ransom for you.' "

The Time Of Fatimah's Martyrdom And The Spot Of Her Grave It is reported that Fatimah died on the 13th Jamadi-al-Awwal orthird of Jumada 'l-Akhir in the eleventh year of the hijrah. She survived the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) by only ninety-five days. The Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali(A.S.) himself took charge of her washing. It is reported that Asma' daughter of `Umays assisted him in washing her. Asma' related: "Fatimah(A.S.) had stated in her will that no one should wash her corpse except 'Ali(A.S.) and I. Thus we washed her together, and the Commander of the Faithful prayed over her along with Hasan(A.S.) and Husayn(A.S.), `Amman ibn Yasir, Miqdad, `Aqil, az-Zubayr, Abu Dharr, Salman, Buraydah and a few men of Banu Hashim. They prayed over her in the night, and in accordance with her own will 'Ali the Commander of the Faithful buried her in secret." There is much disagreement among traditionists as to the exact spot of her grave. Our own traditionists have asserted that she was buried in the Baqi `. Others said that she was buried in her own chamber, and that when the Umayyad rulers enlarged the Mosque of Medina, her grave came to be in the sanctuary. Still others argued that she was buried between the grave and pulpit of the Prophet. It is to this that the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) alluded in his saying: "There is between my grave and pulpit a garden of the gardens of Paradise." The first view is unlikely, while the two other views are nearer to the truth. Thus, those who wish to apply the principle of caution (ihtiyat) when performing ziyarah, or pilgrimage, to her grave, should do so in all three places.

A Quiet Funeral In the darkness of the jet-black night, when eyes were asleep and voices were silent, a Heavenly procession left Imam Ali's house while carrying the Messenger of Allah's daughter to her final abode. This was on the night of the third of Jamadi Al-Thani (the second), 11 A.H. The heartbreaking procession moved towards an unknown location followed by a small number of devoted ones... They were Ali(A.S.), Hasan(A.S.), Hussain(A.S.), Zainab(A.S.) and Umm Kulthum(A.S.)... Abu Dhar, Ammar, Miqdad, and Salman were following them. Where are the thousands who inhabited Medina?! One asks, and the answer came: Fatima (A.S.) requested that they may not be present at her funeral! The family and their friends hurry to bury Fatima... then they rush back to their own homes so that no one would know where Fatima was buried! In such a matter, the first start from Ahlul-Bayt set after the sun (the Prophet) and left everyone with the only light of Imamate! Here I was asked: "What do you think about the end of the life of Fatima(A.S.)? What will be the position of those who oppresses her in the hereafter!?" I waved my hand to him... So long... with no word...dead silence...So long! But wait..can't you hear the Commander of the faithful...the known hero...Ali...Don't you realize that he is crying? Yet, who would not cry for being separated from the Mistress of women? Listen to him, he is speaking to the Prophet(S.A.W.): "O Prophet of Allah, peace be upon you from me and from your daughter who has come to you and who has hastened to meet you. O Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.)! My patience about your chosen (daughter) has been exhauted and my power of endurance has weakened, except that I have ground for consolation in having endured the great hardship and heart-rending event of your seperation. I laid you down in your grave while your last breath had passed (when your head) between my neck and chest. 'Verily we are Allah's and verily unto Him shall we return.' (2:56) Now the trust has been returned and what had been given has been taken back. My grief knows no bounds, and my nights will remain sleepless till Allah chooses for me the house in which you are now residing. Certainly your daughter would apprise you of the joining together of your Ummah (people) for oppressing her. You ask her in detail and get all the news about the position. This happened when a long time had not elapsed and your remembrance had not disappeared. My salam be on you both, the salam of a grief stricken not of a disgusted or a hateful person; for if I go away, it is not because I am weary (of you); and if I stay, it is not due to lack of belief in what Allah has promised the endurers."
Failing Attempts At sunrise people gathered to participate in Hadrat Fatima's funeral, but they were informed that the darling of Allah's Messenger (S.A.W.) had been secretly buried during the night. Meanwhile, Ali (A.S.) made the shapes of four fresh graves in Baqi' so as to conceal the location where Fatima was buried. When the people entered the graveyard, they were confused as to which spot was actually Lady Fatima Zahra's grave; the people turned towards each other and with feeling of guilt said: "Our Prophet (S.A.W.) has not left behind but one daughter, yet she has died and was buried without our participation in the funeral or the prayer rituals. We do not even realize the place where she has been buried!" Noticing that a revolt might be ignited because of the emotional atmosphere that event created, the governing party announced: "Select a group of Muslim women and ask them to dig these graves so that we may find Fatima(A.S.) and perform prayers on her. " Yes! They attempted to execute the plan, violating Hadrat Fatima's will and causing Imam Ali's (A.S.) attempts to hide the grave to lay veinly. Have they forgotten Ali's sharp sword and his well-known courage! Did they really think that Imam Ali(A.S.) would remain indifferent to their outrageous actions up to the point of letting them dig Fatima's grave?! Imam Ali (A.S.) did not fight back after the Holy Prophet's (S.A.W.) demise because he considered the Muslim's unity and overall interests. Yet, this did not mean that he would ignore their villainous crimes against Hadrat Fatima(A.S.) even after her death. In other words,Imam Ali(A.S.) was asked by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) to have patience, but only to a certain extent; when Imam Ali(A.S.) recieved the news of the about to be executed plot, he put on his fighting gear and rushed towards Baqi'. A man from among the people called out: "This is Ali Ibn Abu Talib(A.S.) leveling his sword and saying: 'If anyone moves even a more stone from these graves, I shall strike even the "back of the last follower of the unjust.' People who realized Imam Ali's seriousness, took his threats with complete belief that he would do just as he said if anyone were to appose him. Yet, a man from the governing ones addressed Imam Ali (A.S.) by saying: "What is the matter, Abu Al-Hasan?! By Allah, we shall dig her grave out and perform prayers on her."Imam Ali (A.S.) then grabbed the man by his clothes, shook him and threw him to the ground and said: "Son of the Sawada! I have abandoned my right to prevent people from forsaking their faith, but as regards Fatima's grave, by Him in whose hand is my soul, if you and your followers attempt to do anything to it, I will irrigate the ground with your blood!" At this, Abu Bakr said: "Abu Al-Hassan, I ask you by the right of Allah's Messenger, and by Him Who is above the Throne: leave him alone and we will not do anything which you would not approve of..." Thus, until this day, the location of Hadrat Fatima Zahra's grave remains a secret.

Sayings of Hadrat Fatima Zahra(A.S.) 1.Praise and Eulogy is for Allah for the blessing and bounties which He has bestowed. And thanks to HIM upon what He revelated (to His servants) And Praise is for HIM upon the common boons and blessings which He bestowed upon His servants without their request And upon the comprehensive and complete blessings which He granted to all and sundry and gave it to us, consequetively. Those graces and favours which are uncountable. And are irredeemable and uncompensatable due to their plentifulness of number. And the imagination of their end is out of the reach of human mind. He invited the servant to thankfuness for the sake of the consequetive and continous enhanecment of blessings. And opened the door of euloqy and Praise (of Allah) upon them so that He may make his favours and beneficiences great and plentiful for them. 2.I testify that there is no Diety (Lord) except the sole and matchless Allah. And the testification of the singleness of Allah is a word that Allah has declared sincerity (as) it's reality, and made the hearts the centre of it's contact and union. And has made the specifications and research of the oneness of Allah's station obvious and evident in the light of meditation. The Allah Who can not be seen by the eyes and tongues are unable and baffled to describe His virtues and attributes. And the intelligence and apprehension of man is helpless and destitude from the imagination of his howness. 3.Allah made all the beings without previous matter and sample and shape and pattern. And made them wear the dress of life by His main and mights and created them according to His Devine will and Intention short of it that He might have neeeded their creatlon or have wished any benefit for Himself from their shaping and sketching except this that he wanted to give a proof of Hls wisdom and make the people (creations) aware about His obedience and submisslon and invited them to his servitude and worship and make His Invitation grand and ostentatlous. 4.Allah fixed the reward for His obedience and torment for His insubordination and disobedience so that He may restraln His servants from His wrath and fury and lead them to His paradise. 5.And I testify that my father Mohammad (S.A.W.) is the apostle and the servant of Allah. And Allah selected and chose him before appolnting him at the post of Prophethood. And He named him before choosing and selecting him. And chose him before envoying and delegating him. Then all the creations were hidden and covered in the covers of unseen and were hidden amid the screen and curtain of fear and fright and stayed near the last and final border of non entity (nothingness) for Allah was aware of and knew the end of matters and because of Hls encompassing the incidents of times and ages and His knowledge of the predestinates. Allah appolnted him (as apostle) so that he may complete and finalise His matter and Implement His order and materialise His decreeds and predestinates. 6.Allah saw nations and groups had various different sects in their religion and scattered and staying on the verge of the fires of differences, busy with the their idol worshipping. They denied God with all the signs and symbols of HIM. (IRFAN) So Allah illuminated the darknesses through my father Mohammad (S.A.W.) and removed the darknesses from their hearts, removed (cured) the blindness of the eyes. 7.My father (Mohammad (S.A.W.) ) stood up with (his) guidance among the people. And saved them from perversion and aberration, and turned their blindness into enlightenment and guided them towards the firm religion. And called (invited) them to the straight way. 8.You the servants of Allah, are the ones to maintain His injunctions and prohibitions, and the carriers of His religion, and His relevation, and the trustees of Allah upon your souls, and the propagators of His religion among the other nations. 9.Oh the servants of Allah! (beware) the real leader from Allah, is present among you and the commitment has previously been made to you and the remaining and left over of the prophet hood has been appointed for your guidance. That is the speaking book of Allah the truthful Quran, and a beaming and gleaming light, in which all the secrets and facts about the completion of man and his prosperity have been exhibited and illuminated. It guides from darkness towards light of guidance. It s followers are the subject of envoy of others. 10.The book of Allah is the guide of it's followers towards the pleasure of Allah. Listening (carefully) to it leads to the salvation. The enlightened and conspicous evidences and proofs of Allah can be obtained through it. And (also the knowledge) of His interpreted intentions and fear invoking constraining prohibitions. His sufficing testimonies and conspicous arguments, and desired virtues and allowed endowments and gifts and obligatory devine laws. (can be obtained from it) 11.Allah made the faith for you as a purity from polytheism (and infedility). 12.And (made) service the cause of your getting distant (purification) from pride (egoism). 13.And rendered alms for the purity of your soul and flourishment and expansion of your sustenence. 14.And rendered fasting for the maintainance and firmness of your sincerity. 15.And Allah set Hajj for the consolidation and reinforcement of the religion. 16.Allah executed and rendered justice for the sake of putting together and harmonization of the hearts. 17.And (Allah set) the subordination and obedience of us (the houshold of the Prophet (SAW)) for the security of society's system and our Immamate as a safety from seggregation and disunity). 18.And (Allah made) Jahad (holy war), the honour and glory for Islam and abjectness and humbleness for the infidels and the hypocrites. 19.And (Allah rendered) patience as a help for getting reward. 20.And (Allah caused) commanding goodness and forbiding to do evil for the amendment and correction of society and the common folks (public). 21.And (Allah made) the kindness to parents as a protectional (shield) to His wrath and displeasure. 22.And Allah made joining and connecting with the kinship and cognition, the cause of lengthening of life. 23.And Allah made law of retaliation (revenge for homicide) as the security of blood (from being shed). 24.And Allah executed the vow performing as a medium for forgiveness. 25.And (Allah rendered) the correct use of weights measure (units) a medium for stoping from selling less (than actual). 26.And (Allah rendered) prohibition from drinking wine the cause of taking distance from contaminations (evils). 27.And Allah made the prohibition to accuse someone of adultery a protection (shield) for avoiding (His) curse. 28.And (Allah made) refraining from theft for the sake of positiveness and affirmation for modesty. 29.And Allah prohibited polytheism for the sake of (bringing about) sincerety in (His) adoration and worship. 30.Certainly, an apostle has come to you from among yourselves; grievous to him is your falling into distress, excessively solictious respecting you; to the believers (he is) compassionate, merciful. So if you assay and recognise him you will find he is my father not the father of your women and the brother of my cousin, Ali (A.S.) not that of your men. And how nice a relation I have to him. So he propagated his prophetic (mission). He always used to turn his face from the polytheists. And fought against them till he beat them up. He would invite people towards Allah by wisdom, and beautiful admonition. He broke the idols and scattered the aggregation of polytheists in a way that they ran away (from the battle fields), so that finally the hidden secret of oneness of Allah became manifested by him. And he made the logic of religion reach the ears ((of the people) and settled down the foam of the camels of satan and turned the salogan yelling of those devils silent. And downed the agents of hypocrisy and mutual commitments of the infidels got dissolved till such time that, you (people) spoke to a group of enlightened and modest men with the words of oneness of Allah and sincerity. 31.You were on the edge of a fire ditch, and were a cup of drink and the morsal of a greedy one and a firebrand of every hastey one and were being trampled on (by other nations) and drank from the contaminated waters gathered over in ditches and your energy (food) was (secured by) the leaves of trees and desert grass. And for your abjectness and abasement you were always afraid that those arround you might abduct you in the winking of an eye. So, Allah liberated you (of these misfortunes) through my father Mohammed (S.A.W.). Inspite of it that he (S.A.W.) was involved and at war against the intrepid and the hungry wolves of Arab and the stubborns refractories of the people of the books (Jews and Christians). Whenever his opponents would lit the fire of war, Allah extinguished it to your benefit. 32.Imam Hassan (A.S) said, 'on the friday night I saw my mother (Fatima (A.S.)) standing in her arch of prayer. She was continuously kneeling and performing prostration till the dawn broke. I would hear her pray for the faithful men and women, but she did not at all pray for herself. I said, 'Oh mother why did you not pray for yourself like you prayed for others?' so she replied, 'Oh my son, first thy neighbour and there after your own house.' 33.The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said to Fatima (A.S.) what is the thing which is a blessing for woman?' She said that, 'she must not see a man (stranger and not intimate) and a man must not see her.' 34.One day a lady came to Fatima (A.S.) said 'I have a weak old mother who does not know a few problems about her service (prayers). She has sent me towards you to question you (about them). Thus Fatima(A.S.) answered her (questions). And the number of her queries reached to ten and Fatima (A.S.) replied to all her questions. Then she (the woman got a shamed because of the high number of her questions. And said, 'Oh daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W.), 'I do not put you to more inconvinience than this.' Fatima (A.S.) said, 'Ask me what you do not know. Have you ever seen a person who is one day hired to carry a heavy thing to the roof top from ground for an amount (equal to) a thousand dinnars (nearly a hundred thousand miskal (unit of weight) of gold) and he may feel himself tired.' She said 'No'. Fatima (A.S.) said, 'I have been hired by Allah to get a wages which if the space between the earth and sky is filled up with pearls still (That wages) would he more than it for each of the questions I may answer you. Therefore, I deserve it that I must not feel tired exhausted. 35.Oh Allah! belittle me in my eyes and glorify and magnify Your station to me. And inspire me (about) Your obedience and the practice which may cause Your pleasure and the shunning and evading from things (matters) which are the cause of Your wrath, oh the most merciful of all! 36. Oh Allah! content me with the sustenence you have granted me. And till such time that you keep me alive, hide me and make me sound and prosperous. And forgive me and take pity upon me when I die. (During death process). Oh Allah! do not help me in something that you have not predestined for me. And facilitate the achievement of that thing which you have predestined for me. 37.Oh Allah! bestow upon my parents and all those persons who have rights of their blessings and beneficiences upon me, the best of Your rewards. Oh my Allah, spare me the leisure and respite for the object for which You have created me. And do not let me be busy and involved (absolutely) in my commitments. And do not torment me when I ask forgivensess. And do not deprive me of what I yearn and question you for. 38.Underlying are the rhymes which Hazrat Zahra (A.S.) recited upon the mourning of Prophet's (S.A.W.) demise. The person who smells the sweet fragnance of the grave of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) so what if he does not smell any other fragnance for long times to come? Agonies and anguishes and griefs poured upon me in such a way that had they poured upon days those would have turned into nights. (bleak, dark and bewildering). 39.The dust of sorrow covered the space of sky and the sun has faded and the bright day turned bleak. The earth has become dark and gooomy after the death of the Prophet (S.A.W.) Woe! Alas! what the earth will have much of Jolting upon being seperated and parted from him (S.A.W.). It is meritorious and befitting that the east and west of the world may weep upon the parting of Prophet (S.A.W.) and the persons of Muzzir tribe and all of they rest of the Yemen tribes shed tears. And the great magnificient mountain of the existence and the hidden and covered Kabaah (House of ALLAH) and its pillars should shed tears. Oh the terminator and finaliser of the (series of) prophets! the light of whome is the source of blessing for the worlds inhabitants, Be the salutation and blessings of Allah the desender of Holy Quran upon you. 40.Following you (Prophet (S.A.W.)) inequities (intrigues and revolts) took shape and varient voices were raised so that if you were present and supervising (things) all these differences and deviations would not have taken place. You set off (on the journey of eternity) from among us and now our condition is like the earth which becomes devoid of the beneficial rains. And your nation upset the order and discipline of matters. So be a witness and do not let their matter get out of your sight. Salutations to Hazrat Fatima (A.S. ) Peace be upon you, Oh daughter of the Messenger of Allah ! Peace be upon you, Oh daughter of the possessor of outstanding merit above all Prophets and messengers and angels ! Peace be upon you, Oh Leader of the Women of the Worlds. Peace be upon you, Oh Wife of the Vicegrent of Allah ! Peace be upon you, Oh mother of Hassan and Hussein, the Leaders of the Youth of Paradise ! Peace be upon you, Oh most truthful and martyr. Peace be upon you, who was pleased to resign to the will of Allah and Allah was pleased with you. Peace be upon you, Oh possessor of outstanding merit of above others, and the pure. Peace be upon you, who is holy and guarded herself against sins ! Peace be upon you, who is knowledgeable and an authority on traditions of the Prophet. Peace be upon you, who was subjected to anger and oppression. Peace be upon you, Oh Fatima, daughter of the Messenger of Allah, and May Allah have mercy on you and bless you.

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