Sunday 3rd of July 2022
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Muslims more Influential than before

Muslims more Influential than before

-- Head of the Iranian Hajj Mission believes an increase in enemy efforts to sow discord in the Islamic world indicates Islam's growing power and the influence of Muslims in the world and even in non-Muslim countries.

"Given the plots hatched by enemies of Islam to foment discord among Muslims, one of the absolute necessities of Islamic nations in the Hajj is to get closer to each other," Iran's Hajj Chief Ayatollah Mohammed Reyshahri said in a Sunday meeting with his Bahraini counterpart, Adnan Abdullah al-Qattan.


He added that the enemies try to make Islamic nations and neighboring countries afraid of Iran and consider it as a potential threat while maintaining cordial relations with all Muslim countries particularly neighboring states is among Iran's major policies.


Head of Bahraini Hajj Mission, for his part, expressed pleasure over the meeting, saying that the Hajj is a chance for representatives of Muslim countries to exchange ideas.


He also voiced his hope for stronger ties between the two countries.




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