Thursday 30th of June 2022
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British soldier leaves his military unit to join Peshmerga

British soldier leaves his military unit to join Peshmerga

A serving British soldier who left his army base to join Kurdish fighters battling against Isis has been found and is being returned to his unit, according to the Defence Secretary.

The unidentified solider, understood to be 19-years-old, left his base after telling his family he was joining Kurdish peshmerga fighters in their battle against the extremist group, saying: "these guys need our help."

Speaking during the regular Commons defence questions, Mr Fallon said: "The House may also want to know the soldier reported as missing last week has now been located and is being returned to his unit."

"The Guardian" British newspaper quoted sources as saying that the soldier is 19 years old , but refused to provide additional information about the case, while British media pointed out that the soldier addressed his family saying he was accompanied by other Britons and Canadians fighting in Kurds ranks.

The incident comes after it emerged last December that two former British soldiers travelled to Syria to fight against the group calling itself the Islamic State, which has claimed swathes of Syria and Iraq since last summer


source : www.abna.ir
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