Friday 2nd of December 2022
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“Monotheistic Religions” Published in France

“Monotheistic Religions” Published in France

-- “Monotheistic Religions; From 1880 to 2000” by Dominique Avon, professor of history at the University of Maine province of the US was published by Elipse Publications in 359 pages in France.

According to iesr, the author has investigated historical and social evolutions and their influences on relations between monotheistic religion, namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Regarding social issues, he has also studied various reasons for proximity of religions in certain periods of time or the reasons for gaps created among them in other times.

A meeting is planned to be held to review the book on December 9 with the presence of the author of the book and Denis Pelletier, research director of the School of Higher Education in Paris.

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