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Quds Encyclopaedia Compiled in UAE

Quds Encyclopaedia Compiled in UAE

-- Culture and Information Office of Ajman city in the United Arab Emirates has compiled a large encyclopedia of “Quds” in 8 volumes entitled “Encyclopedia of Arabs and Muslims’ Trips to Palestine”.

According to WAM, the book compiled by Taisir Khalaf, a researcher from the UAE, will be published by Dar Kan’an Research Publication in Damascus.

Speaking at a press conference on November 21, Ibrahim Saeed Al-Zaheri, director general of the office said, “The book is a comprehensive research study on what Muslim and Arab orientalists and itinerants have written on the history of al-Quds city, including condition of the city and its residents during history.”

“Markets and different roads leading to the city and the status of the city from various intellectual, literal, historical, social and political points of views have been discussed in the encyclopedia,” he said. “The Culture and Information Office of Ajman city has contributed to conducting such a valuable project due to the universal importance of the al-Quds city.”

Al-Zaheri noted that the encyclopedia was compiled on the occasion of commemorating “Quds; the cultural capital of the Arab World in 2009”. It covers most of the itineraries written during the past 11 centuries.”

“There are many itineraries by Muslims from various periods of time in the form of manuscripts which have not been published yet,” he went on to say.

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