Tuesday 28th of June 2022
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Muslim woman assaulted in Germany

Muslim woman assaulted in Germany

A Muslim medical student wearing a headscarf has been beaten up in Gottingen, Germany, in what appears to be a racist attack.


The Muslim woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, suffered grazes and bruises after she was knocked to the ground and kicked by her four assailants Saturday evening near the Gottingen University library.

Police has not been able to indentify or arrest the attackers.

According to police chief Thomas Rath, the four men yelled racist slogans at the 24-year-old Muslim medical student as they shoved her, until she lost her balance.

The woman, who immediately notified the police after the attack, had been walking from the university library to her car when she was assaulted.

The incident happened nearly one week after a German man, identified as Alex Wiens, was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing an Egyptian pharmacist, Marwa El-Sherbini, to death in a Dresden courtroom.


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