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The desire for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (may our souls be ransoms for him) who is a cure of the physical and spiritual diseases of human society must be at the top of the list of our requests today. All social and individual misfortunes, ignorance, poverty, moral corruption, and maladies afflicting human beings will be removed with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s) and security and justice will prevail in the world in the light of his divine guidance. So, let us supplicate to God in unison and say:


أينَ المُعَدُّ لِقَطعِ دابِرِ الظَّلَمَةِ؟ أينَ المُنْتَظَرُ لإِقامَةِ الأَمْتِ والعِوَجِ؟ أينَ المُرْتَجى لإِزالَةِ الجَوْرِ والعُدْوانِ؟ أينَ المُدَّخَرُ لِتجديدِ الفَرائِضِ والسُّنَنِ؟ أينَ المُتَخَيَّرُ لإِعادَةِ المِلَّةِ والشَّريعَةِ؟ أينَ المُؤَمَّلُ لإِحْياءِ الكِتابِ وحُدودِهِ؟ أينَ محُيِي مَعالِمِ الدِّينِ وأَهلِهِ؟ أينَ قاصِمُ شَوكَةِ المُعتَدينَ؟ أينَ هادِمُ أبنِيَةِ الشِّرْكِ والنِّفاقِ؟ أينَ مُبيدُ أهلِ الفُسوقِ والعِصْيانِ والطُّغْيانِ؟ أينَ حاصِدُ فُروعِ الغَيِّ والشَّقاقِ؟ أينَ طامِسُ آثارِ الزَّيغِ والأهْواءِ؟ أينَ مُعِزُّ الأولِياءِ ومُذِلُّ الأَعْداءِ؟ أينَ الطّالِبُ بِذُحُولِ الأنبِياءِ وأبناءِ الأنبِياءِ؟ أينَ المُطالِبُ بِدَمِ المَذبوحِ بكَربَلاءَ؟ أينَ المَنصورُ عَلى مَنِ اعْتدَى وافْتَرى؟ هَل إلَيكَ يا بْنَ أحمَدَ سَبيلٌ فَتُلقى؟ هَل يَتَّصِلُ يومُنا مِنك بِغدِهِ فَنَحظى؟ مَتى نَرِدُ مَناهِلَكَ الرَّوِيَّةَ فَنُروى؟


 “Where is the one prepared to annihilate the oppressors? Where is the one awaited for straightening the crookedness and dishonesty? Where is the one expected (Imam Mahdi) for abolishing oppression and transgression? Where is the one stored for reviving the obligatory command and Sunnah (of the Holy Prophet)? Where is the one selected for resuscitating the reality of the nation and the religion? Where is the one expected for enlivening the Book and the doctrinal provisions? Where is the enlivener of the facts of the religion and its adherents? Where is the breaker of the might of the transgressors? Where is the demolisher of the edifices of polytheism and hypocrisy? Where is the destroyer of the followers of transgression, disobedience, and rebellion? Where is the eradicator of the branches of errors and dispute? Where is the destroyer of the signs of evil and egoistic tendencies? Where is the severer of the cords of falsehood and calumniation? Where is the destroyer of the vicious and disobedient people? Where is the eradicator of the followers of obstinacy and misguidance and the renegade? Where is the one who honors the friends and debases the enemy? Where is the gate of Allah through which all should enter? Where is the countenance of Allah through which the friends attend towards him? Where is the means stretching from the earth to the heaven? Where is the uniter of the companions of virtue and divine pleasure? Where is the avenger of the blood of the prophets and their children? Where is the seeker of revenge for the blood of the martyred ones of Karbala? Where is the triumphant one (who will overcome) over one who transgressed against him and maligned him? O son of Ahmed, is there a way through which you may be met? May our day (of separation) join the day of reappearance by which we enjoy? When shall we arrive at your streams to quench our thirst?”[127]


When we are said infinite oppression and grave injustice pave the way for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s), despair gives its place to hope in our hearts making waiting for you something pleasant. So, we tolerate all hardship in the hope of your reappearance and keep on supplicating.


فَأَغِثْ يا غِياثَ المُستَغيثِينَ عُبَيدَكَ المُبْتَلى وأَرِهِ سَيِّدَهُ يا شَديدَ القِوى وأَزِلْ عنهُ بهِ الأَسى والجَوى وبَرِّدْ غَليلَهُ يا مَن عَلى العَرشِ استَوى ومَن إلَيهِ الرُّجْعى


“So, help, O’ helper of those who seek help, your poor afflicted servant. And show him his Master: O severer of strength and through him (Imam Mahdi) remove his (Your servant’s) grief and sorrow. And cool the burning of his hurt, O You who are firm in the Heavenly Throne of power and towards Whom is the return and ultimate end.”[128]




Now that we are blessed with this divine grace and our requests and desires are fulfilled, we should seek forgiveness for our parents, relatives, neighbors, all believers, and the deceased ones. Imam Sadiq (a.s) says:


دُعاءُ المَرءِ لأخِيهِ بِظَهْرِ الغَيبِ يَدُرُّ الرِّزقَ ويدفَعُ المَكروهَ


“A man’s supplication for his absent brother increases the sustenance and saves from evils.”[129]


Imam Kazim (a.s) says:


مَن دَعا لأخِيهِ بِظهرِ الغَيبِ نودِيَ مِن العَرشِ: ولَكَ مِائَةُ ألفِ ضَعفٍ. فَكَرِهتُ أنْ أَدَعَ مِائَةَ ألفِ ضَعفٍ مَضْمونَةً لِواحِدةٍ لا أدِري تُستَجابُ أمْ لا.


“Whoever supplicates for his absent brother in faith, a call from the Divine Throne will say: let one hundred thousand times more be for you. So, I thought it was not advisable to leave one hundred thousand supplications certainly answered for one that might or might not be answered.”[130]




Ibn Abi-Umeir reports the following on the authority of Zeid an-Nersi:


Muawieh ibn Wahab and I were in Arafat. He was reciting duaa while his eyes were full of tears. Listening carefully to him, I found out that he was not reciting a singly duaa for himself, rather he was supplicating for people from here and there mentioning their names and father’s names. When the pilgrims left Arafat, I said to him, ‘O uncle, I saw something strange about you.’ He asked, ‘what was strange?’ I answered, ‘In this holy place, you considered your brethren prior to yourself and recited duaa for them!’ He said, ‘O my nephew, do not be surprised, for I heard my master and master of every believing man and woman and master of the former and the coming generations after his immaculate fathers (a.s) (if I lie, let my ears become deaf, my eyes blind, and deprived of the Holy Prophet’s intercession) as saying:


“Whoever supplicates Allah for his absent brother in faith, an angel from heaven will call: ‘O servant of Allah, let a hundred thousand times more than it be for you.’ And an angel from the second heaven will call: ‘O servant of Allah, let there be two hundred thousand times more for you.’ And an angel from the third heaven will call: ‘O servant of Allah, let there be three hundred thousand times more for you.’ And an angel from the fourth heaven will call: ‘O servant of Allah, let there be four hundred thousand times for you.’ And an angel from the fifth heaven will call: ‘O servant of Allah, let there be five hundred thousand time more for you.’ And an angel from the sixth heaven will call: ‘O servant of Allah, let there be six hundred thousand times more for you.’ And an angel from the seventh heaven will call: ‘O servant of Allah, let there be seven hundred thousand times more for you.’ Then, Allah will say: ‘I am the Rich Who will never become poor. O servant of Allah, let there be a million times more for you.’”


‘O my nephew, which is better: to supplicate for oneself or for others?’[131]




O Lord, now that You like to hear Your servant’s duaa for others and fulfill them, we ask You through the affinity and love of Your most beloved creatures; Mohammad and his household (a.s) to hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s) and guide the human society on the right path of guidance. Also, make the ummah united to defend itself against atheism. Protect our youths against corruption. Do not separate our children and us from the Holy Quran and the household of the Holy Prophet (saw) in this world and the Hereafter. Fill our hearts with Your love and that of the Imams (a.s). Heal the patients all over the world very soon. Make our women chaste. Give a share of this reward to our parents, relatives, neighbors, friends, and the deceased. Keep us from the fire of Your wrath.




The sun in Arafat is setting and God’s banquet is coming to an end. O my beloved, I know this much that this humble person was Your guest and You, the Lord of the heavens and the earth were my Generous Host. Then, I have the right to say:


إِلهَِي، مَن الّذي نَزَلَ بكَ مُلتَمِساً قِراكَ فَما قَرَيتَهُ؟ ومَن الّذي أناخَ بِبابِكَ مُرتجِياً نِداكَ فَما أولَيتَهُ؟ أيَحْسَنُ أنْ أرجِعَ عَن بابِكَ بالخَيبَةِ مَصروفاً ولَستُ أعْرِفُ سِواكَ مَولىً بالإحْسانِ مَوصوفاً؟


“My Allah, who is the one who has come before Thee seeking hospitability? Who is the one who has dismounted at Thy door hoping for magnanimity, and to who Thou hast not shown it? Is it good that I come back from Thy door, turned away in disappointment, while I know of no patron qualified by beneficence but Thee?”[132]


How proper it is to conclude the last moment of staying in Arafat with the prayer of Imam Hussein (a.s) on such a day. Here is a summarized translation of the prayer:


اَللّهُمّ إنّا نَتَوجَّهُ إلَيكَ في هَذهِ العَشِيَّةِ الّتي شَرَّفتَها وعَظَّمتَها بِمُحّمَدٍ نَبِيِّكَ ورَسولِكَ وخِيَرَتِكَ مِن خَلقِكَ وأمينِكَ عَلى وَحيِكَ البَشيرِ النّذيرِ السّراجِ المُنيرِ الّذي أَنعَمتَ بهِ عَلى المُسلِمينَ وجَعَلتَهُ رَحمَةً لِلعالمَينَ. اَللّهُمّ فَصَلِّ عَلى محَمَّدٍ وآلِ محَمّدٍ كَما محَمَّدٌ أهْلٌ لِذلِكَ مِنكَ يا عَظيمُ، فَصَلِّ عَليهِ وعَلى آلِهِ المُنْتَجَبِينَ الطَّيَِبِينَ الطّاهِرينَ أجمَعينَ وتَغَمّدْنا بعَفوِكَ عَنّا. فَإلَيكَ عَجَّتِ الأصْواتُ بِصُنوفِ اللّغاتِ، فَاجْعَلْ لَنا اللّهُمّ في هَذِهِ العَشِيَّةِ نَصيباً مِن كُلِّ خَيرٍ تَقسِمُهُ بَينَ عِبادِكَ ونورٍ تَهدي بهِ ورَحْمَةٍ تَنشُرُها وبَرَكَةٍ نُتزِلُها وعافِيَةٍ تُجَلِّلُها ورِزقٍ تبَسُطُه يا أرْحَمَ الرّاحِمينَ. اللّهمّ اقْلِبنا في هَذا الوَقتِ مُنجِحينَ مُفلِحينَ مَبرورِينَ غانِمينَ ولا تجْعَلنا مِن القانِطينَ ولا تجْعَلنا مِن رَحمَتِكَ محْرومينَ ولا لِفَضْلِ ما نُؤَمِّلُهُ مِن عَطائِكَ قانِطينَ ولا تَرُدَّنا خائِبينَ ولا مِن بابِكَ مطْرودينَ يا أجْوَدَ الأجوَدينَ وأكْرَمَ الأكْرَمينَ إلَيكَ أقْبَلنا موقِنينَ ولِبَيتِكَ الحَرامِ آمِّينَ قاصِدينَ


“O Allah, we are turning our faces to You in this evening that You glorified and honored by Mohammad— Your Prophet, Messenger, Chosen one among Your creatures, Keeper of Your revelation, bearer of Your good tidings and warnings, and the bright light with whom You have blessed the Muslims and whom You have made mercy from people. Bless him and his household— the chosen ones, the pure, and the immaculate, and include us by means of Your reprieve. To You, voices of different tongues have directed. O Allah, give us in this evening a share of the blessings that you give to Your servants, light of guidance, mercy that You spread, blessings that You reveal, wellbeing that You extend, and abundant sustenance; You are certainly the Most Merciful of the merciful ones. O Allah, in this very time, include us with the successful, the thriving, the blessed, and the winning, and do not deprive us of Your mercy and of that for which we hope, and do not refute us with disappointment, and do not reject us from Your door. You are certainly the Most Generous of the generous ones and the Most Munificent of the munificent. We are directing towards You with full confidence and towards yours Sacred House with full intentions”[133]


The sun in Arafat set amid tears, moaning, and lamentations of Imam Hussein (a.s) and his companions who then set out for al-Mash’ar al-Haram.




Imam Sajjad (a.s) says:


إنّهُ لمّا وَقَفَ بِعَرَفَةَ وهَمَّتِ الشّمْسُ أنْ تَغيبَ، قالَ رسولُ اللهِ صلّى اللهُ عليهِ وآلِهِ: يا بلالُ، قُل لِلناّسِ فَليُنصِتوا. فَلمّا نَصَتوا قَالَ رسولُ اللهِ صلّى اللهُ عليهِ وآلِهِ: إنَّ رَبّكُم تَطَوَّلَ عَليكُم في هذا اليَومِ فَغَفَرَ لِمُحسِنِكُم وَشَفَّعَ مُحسِنَكُم في مُسيئِكُم، فَاَفيضوا مَغْفوراً لَكُم.


“During the Farewell Hajj, the pilgrims’ stay in Arafat was completed, the Holy Prophet (saw) said: “O Bilal, tell people to keep silent.” When they did, he (saw) said: “Today, Allah has favored you. He has forgiven the good ones among you and bestowed upon you the right of intercession for the bad ones. Hence, He forgave the bad ones with the intercession of the good ones. Now, set out and all of you have been forgiven by Allah’s mercy.”[134]


Obviously the question of people’s rights is another topic in a way that the consent and satisfaction of the owner of a right is prerequisite for God’s forgiveness. Hence, all were forgiven “save those who violate people’s rights, for God in Just and will take the right of the oppressed from the oppressors.”[135]

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