Wednesday 25th of May 2022
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Library of Religions Opens in Tehran

Library of Religions Opens in Tehran

-- On the occasion of the Book Week, the first library of religions and sects opened in Tehran today, November 17, by Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance.

Deputy culture minister and a number of luminaries from various faiths attended the opening ceremony.

According to information office of the seventeenth edition of the Book Week, the library will be fully operational in two phases with 1600 books presented in the first phase on issues such as religions, sects, theological subjects, psychology, sociology and religious and non-religious mystical schools of thought.

It also includes a software section with 2000 books on religions and sects in Persian, English and Urdu and audio books are to be included in the section in the second phase.

An information bank of research works is also planned to set up by the ministry’s General Office of Cultural Associations in the second phase.

The ministry also plans to introduce the newly established library to the students of various universities after the Book Week, which is being held in Iran from November 14 to 21.

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