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The Ulema celebrated when Abu Hanifa died

The Ulema celebrated when Abu Hanifa died

In Baghdad we learn:

When the news of Abu Hanifas death reached Sufyan al-Thawri he praised Allah (swt) who relieved Islam from the Fitnah of Abu Hanifa. Numan weakened every page of Islam. Imam of Ahlul Sunnah Uzay said on his death said That Numan was the most harmful thing to Islam. Tarikh Baghdad Volume 13 page 398

Abu Hanifa was born in 80 Hijri and died in 152 Hijri.

"Hasan Amara the Qadhi of Baghdad read his Janaza, someone dreamt that he was rapped in a black shrewd and was surrounded by Christian priests"

Tarikh Baghdad Volume 13 page 422

Even if you Nasibis got together you would have no answer to the fatwas issued against Abu Hanifa.

If we rely on these Fatwas then Abu Hanifa was a Kaafir, and Deobandi Nasibis, Tarikh Baghdad is not the only weapon we have up our sleeve read on, if you dare.


source : www.rafed.net
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