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Imam Ghazzali said Abu Hanifa was not a Mujtahid

Imam Ghazzali said Abu Hanifa was not a Mujtahid

In "al Munhaul", Imam Ghazzali Tusi al Iraani writes as follows:

After the fourth level of respect comes the Mujtahids, commenting upon the authenticity of the different Mujtahids Imam Ghazaali writes, Imam Malik was a Mujtahid, Abu Hanifa was not a Mujtahid because he acquired no knowledge in Arabic Grammar and was illiterate, this is proven by the fact that he read the words Babu Qays when the correct pronunciation is Babi Qays. Abu Hanifa had no knowledge of Hadith, he would ignore correct Hadith and would embrace weak ones, he had no capacity to interpret the Sharia, in its opposition he practised and developed Qiyaas (analogical reasoning).

Taken from Asthaghsa al Ahfaam quoting Munkhaul, by Allamah Ghazzali Tusi al Iraani page 197 published Majmaa al Juraayn Ludhanan (1276 Hijri)


source : www.rafed.net
امتیاز شما به این مطلب ؟

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