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Suyuti condemnation of Abu Hanifa

Suyuti condemnation of Abu Hanifa

In "Jazeel al Muwahib fi Ikhtilaab al Madhaib" by Suyuti page 184:

Suyuti said:

The most praised Madhab is Shaafi due to its precautions. Due to this whoever reads Shafii Salaat will feel confident. Whoever reads Hanafi Salaat will be confused because it is questionable, on account of the following:

He considers it permissible to perform ablution with alcohol fermented by dates

You can wear dog leather in Salaat

If a part of your clothes has urine on it you can continue with the Salaat.

In Salaat if your penis or anus is exposed you can continue to pray.

If you read Qur'an wrong in Salaat its okay

You can read the Qur'anic verses in Salaat in Farsi

In Ruku and Sujud "Thumaanyeeyuth" is okay

It is permissible to end Salaat by breaking wind"


source : www.rafed.net
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