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Military training for women

Question:  I am a girl who would like to serve the revolution by entering the Revolutionary Guards Corps, but my father does not approve.  Please could you tell me what my position is according to the shari’a law?


Reply:  The sisters may become revolutionary guards so long as Islamic precepts are observed.  You had better seek your father’s consent.


Istifta’at Vol. 1, p. 503.



As I said earlier, women can join the army.  That which Islam opposes and which it forbids as something sinful (haram) is corruption, whether on the part of the woman or the man, it makes no difference. (355)


28 December 1978  (7 Dey 1357 AHS)



Bearing in mind all that has been achieved so far through the efforts of the noble and crusading men and women, I hope that, with the support of Almighty God, they will be successful in their multidimensional mobilisation for military, ideological, moral and educational training, and that they will complete their practical military training in a manner befitting an Islamic nation that has risen. (356)


20 February 1979  (1 Isfand 1358 AHS)



Praise Almighty God, our dear nation has young combatants among the sisters and brothers who, through their military instruction throughout the country, have perplexed the enemies of Iran and Islam.  With confidence in God’s power and a willingness to make sacrifices for the cause of Islam, they will surmount all difficulties and triumph over all satanic powers. (357)


8 September 1980  (17 Shahrivar 1359 AHS)



Consequently, if defence is a duty incumbent on us all, then the preparations for this defence must be carried out, and these include military planning and military training for those who are able.  For it is not the case that it is our bounden duty to defend ourselves and we have no idea how to do so.  We have to know how to defend ourselves.  It goes without saying, however, that the environment in which you receive military training must be a sound one, an Islamic one, all aspects of decency and modesty, all Islamic aspects being upheld. (358)


2 March 1985  (11 Isfand 1364 AHS)



It makes me proud to see the ladies, young and old alike, playing a role in the educational, economic and military arenas and shoulder-to-shoulder with the men, ahead of them even, actively involving themselves in the cause of exalting Islam and advancing the aims of the Most Noble Qur’an.  Those who are able to fight are partaking in military training - for this is one of the important duties that must be carried out in order to defend Islam and the Islamic homeland.  They have bravely and resolutely freed themselves from the restrictions that have been imposed on them, as indeed on Islam and the Muslims in general, by the enemies’ plots and the friends’ unfamiliarity with the laws of Islam and the Qur’an.  They have thrown off the shackles of superstition in which the self-seeking enemies, using people suffering from ignorance and some akhunds[1][1] oblivious to the interests of the Muslims, had bound them. (359)


5 June 1989  (15 Khurdad 1368 AHS)


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