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Hazrat Abulfazl’s Characteristics

Hazrat Abulfazl's Characteristics
hazrat abulfazl al-abbas (a.s)

Politeness in Childhood

One of the sublime virtues of man in Islam is politeness, particularly being polite and nice to elderly, great men, and holy things or persons in all aspects of life because this trait enhances and enriches morality and is considered as one of the important elements of spirituality. Commenting on politeness, the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (A.S) said to his son, Imam Hassan (A.S):
"My son, politeness enriches the wisdom, awakens the heart, and is the fundamental requisite to virtue and magnanimity." He also mentioned: "if impoliteness puts someone off, the glory and greatness of his family and relatives won't push him forward" (1). In addition, Imam Ali (A.S) said: "no heritance is more valuable than politeness" (2).

Therefore, he trained his children so righteously that they were the politest ones in their society. Hazrat Abulfazl Al-Abbas (A.S) was also trained in this bright school of thought. Accordingly, one of his brilliant traits all through his life, from childhood till the end of his life, was politeness.

Imam Ali (A.S) paid a special attention to Hazrat Abulfazl's behavior and politeness during his childhood. Imam Ali (A.S) made him learn hard and important professions such as agriculture; he made him enhance his spirit and body and taught him archery, swordsmanship and other virtues. He was like Imam Ali (A.S) in speech, like Imam Hassan (A.S) in face and had Imam Hussein's blood in his vessels (3).

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


1. Gorarul-Hikam: 513

2. Nahjul Al-Balaghat: Sermon 51

3. Excerpts from the "Pioneer of Neynavah, An analysis of Hazrat Abulfazl al-Abbas's Life" by Haj Sheikh Muhammad Muhammadi Eshtehardi.


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