Thursday 26th of May 2022
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Iranian Seminary Schools to Commemorate Book Week

Iranian Seminary Schools to Commemorate Book Week

-- On the occasion of the Book Week, the Islamic seminary introduced its plans for promoting book reading in society.

According to Howza news agency, Hojat-ol-Islam Rafi’i, research deputy of seminary schools said, “Specialized meetings on educational sources at schools will be held with the presence of experts aimed at investigating methods of revising the sources in cooperation. 5 scientific meetings as well as exhibitions of educational seminary books at schools have also been planned for the book week.”

He noted that a group has been set up at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance including representatives of over 30 scientific, cultural and seminary centers to commemorate the week.

“8 sessions have been held by the group so far in which programs of seminary schools for the book week were discussed and 10 general programs were approved.”


“As part of the programs, various works on Islamic issues and humanities will be presented at different cities with special discounts by the seminaries in the book week,” he added. “Magazines prepared by Iranian seminaries will be introduced and a book entitled ‘Research Priorities of Iranian Scientific and Executive Centers’ will be unveiled.”


“Also, in order to familiarize seminary students with scientific theses, a data bank containing seminary theses will open with 500 theses concurrent with the Research Week at the library of Feyziyye School,” Hojat-ol-Islam Rafi’I went on to say.

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