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Imam Musa al-Kadhim(A.S.) Words of Wisdom

Imam Musa al-Kadhim(A.S.) Words of Wisdom

1 - The nafilas are the offertories of every believer to Allah.


2 - Hajj is the jihad of every weak.


3 - Everything has its tax and the tax of the body is the recommendable fasting.


4 - After the acknowledgment of Allah, the best worship is expecting the Relief.


5 - He who supplicates to Allah before he praises Him and blesses the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) is as same as throwing an arrow without the existence of a string.

6 - He who is certain of the reward will give generously.


7 - The moderate will never be needy.


8 - Moderation is the half of the livelihood.


9 - Amicability is half of the intelligence.


10 -Very much care drives into senility.

11 - Hastiness is the true clumsiness.


12 - Fewness of the dependants is one of the two facilities.


13 - To depress the parents is impiety to them.


14 - As for those who beat the hand on the thigh or strike the hands together in misfortunes, their rewards will be cancelled.


15 - No one will gain the reward of suffering a misfortune unless he who forbears it and says: We are Allah"s, and to Him we will return.

imam al-kadhim

16 -Favors are worthless unless they are done to the highborn or the religious.


17 -Allah aids in as much as the need and endows with steadfastness in as much as the misfortune.


18 - The graces will persist for the moderate and the satisfied. The graces will be removed from the immoderate and the exaggerative.


19 -The fulfillment of the trusts and honesty bring earnings, while treachery and fabrication cause poverty and hypocrisy.


20 - When Allah wills to punish a worm, He gives it two wings so that it will fly and a bird will kill it.


21 - The believers" favors are worthless unless they are disregarded, veiled, and provided as soon as possible. He who disregards his favors is surely revering his friend to whom he has done the favor, he who considers his favors is surely disgracing his friend to whom he has done the favor, he who covers up the favors that he does is surely honoring his deeds, and he who fulfills his promises as soon as possible is surely giving pleasant gifts.


source : www.tebyan.net
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